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Treatise Handbook 3: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps

Edited by Edward A. Beaumont

Chapter 1: Developing a Philosophy of Exploration
Edward A. Beaumont, Norman H. Foster, Richard R. Vincelette, Marlan W. Downey, and James D. Robertson

Chapter 2: Classification of Exploration Traps
Richard R. Vincelette, Edward A. Beaumont, and Norman H. Foster

Chapter 3: Petroleum Systems
Leslie B. Magoon and Edward A. Beaumont

Chapter 4: Sedimentary Basin Analysis
John M. Armentrout

Chapter 5: Formation Fluid Pressure and Its Application
Edward A. Beaumont and Forrest Fiedler

Chapter 6: Evaluating Source Rocks
Carol A. Law

Chapter 7: Migration of Petroleum
Martin D. Matthews

Chapter 8: Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlations
Douglas W. Waples and Joseph A. Curiale

Chapter 9: Predicting Reservoir System Quality and Performance
Dan J. Hartmann and Edward A. Beaumont

Chapter 10: Evaluating Top and Fault Seal
Leslie B. Magoon and Edward A. Beaumont

Chapter 11: Predicting Preservation and Destruction of Accumulations
Alton A. Brown

Chapter 12: Interpreting Seismic Data
Christopher L. Liner

Chapter 13: Interpreting 3-D Seismic Data
Geoffrey A. Dorn

Chapter 14: Using Magnetics in Petroleum Exploration
Edward A. Beaumont and S. Parker Gay, Jr.

Chapter 15: Applying Gravity in Petroleum Exploration
David A. Chapin and Mark E. Ander

Chapter 16: Applying Magnetotellurics
Arnie Ostrander

Chapter 17: Applied Paleontology
Robert L. Fleisher and H. Richard Lane

Chapter 18: Surface Geochemical Exploration for Petroleum
Dietmar Schumacher

Chapter 19: Value of Geological Fieldwork
Denise M. Stone

Chapter 20: Exploring for Structural Traps
R. A. Nelson, T. L. Patton, and S. Serra

Chapter 21: Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps
John C. Dolson, Mike S. Bahorich, Rick C. Tobin, Edward A. Beaumont, Louis J. Terlikoski, and Michael L. Hendricks