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Regional Study of Jointing in Comb Ridge-Navajo Mountain Area, Arizona and Utah

Robert A. Hodgson

Mineralogy of Jacksonburg (Middle Ordovician) Formation in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey

Satyabrata Ray , H. R. Gault

Geology of South Pass Block 27 Field, Offshore, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Derrell A. Smith

Ouachita Mountain Core Area, Montgomery County, Arkansas

William D. Pitt , Richard R. Cohoon , Harry C. Lee , Marion G. Robb (5), John Watson (6)

Reconnaissance of Jointing in Bright Angel Area, Grand Canyon, Arizona: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Robert A. Hodgson

Pre-Carboniferous Paleozoic Rocks in Central Chihuahua, Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Luther W. Bridges , Ronald K. DeFord

Contact of Boquillas Flags and Austin Chalk in Val Verde and Terrell Counties, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Val L. Freeman

Permian Outcrops in Western Duchesne County, Utah: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. L. Yochelson , T. M. Cheney , Dianne Van Sickle , D. H. Dunkle

Natural Gases of North America: ABSTRACT

B. W. Beebe

Relative Importance of Natural Gas in the Southwest: ABSTRACT

Everett G. Trostel

Pipeliners' Problems of New Reserves (To Connect Or Not to Connect): ABSTRACT

Tom G. Calhoun, II

Natural Gas--Its Value as a Function of Its Chemical and Physical Properties: ABSTRACT

Otto K. Wetzel, Jr.

Oil and Gas Geology of North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr.

Stratigraphy of Lower Pennsylvanian Gas-Bearing Sediments of Eastern Bend Flexure: ABSTRACT

John G. Nikkel

Boonesville Bend Gas Field of Wise County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Orval Denman

Pottsville Gas Area of Hamilton and Comanche Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Harold C. Beaird

Permian System in Texas: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Moore

Geology of Gas Fields of Western Anadarko Basin, Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Totten, Paul H. Horn

Geology of Puckett Field: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Hester, Richard R. Holland

Geology of Benedum Field, Upton County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Loyd E. Walker

Recent Bell Canyon Exploration in North Delaware Basin: ABSTRACT

Marsh W. Nottingham

Oil Accumulations along Abo Reefing, Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

William J. Le May


Frank J. Spiva, Jr., A. K. Doss, Jr.

Page Field, Schleicher County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James A. Weig

Edwards Gas Trend in South Texas: ABSTRACT

George R. Pinkley

La Honda Oil Field, San Mateo County, California: ABSTRACT

H. L. Fothergill

San Emidio Nose Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Fred Sierveld

Some Preliminary Gravity Results in Imperial Valley: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Kovach

Hammer, Brunton, and Helicopter: ABSTRACT

Edward A. Gribi, Jr., Richard L. Hester

Effects of Foreign Imports on Domestic Exploration as Related to Independent Producer: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Astroblemes (Meteorite Impact Structures): ABSTRACT

Robert S. Dietz

Why Explore in Sacramento Valley?: ABSTRACT

Eugene F. Reid

Field Study of Geological Well Logging at Vernalis: ABSTRACT

Robert O. Patterson

Gravity Prospecting for Reefs: Effects of Sedimentation and Differential Compaction: ABSTRACT

Sulhi Yungul

Bouguer Gravity Map of Alaska: ABSTRACT

L. F. Ivanhoe

California Offshore Oil--Present and Future: ABSTRACT

F. J. Hortig

Bioherms in Middle Devonian of Northeastern Spanish Sahara, Northwest Africa: ABSTRACT

John C. Hazzard

Line Source Problem for Solid-Solid Interface: ABSTRACT

Stanley J. Laster, Freeman Gilbert

General Geology and Development of West Thornton and Walnut Grove Gas Fields Sacramento Valley, California: ABSTRACT

John Silcox

Critical Review of Contemporary Theories of Petroleum Origin: ABSTRACT

S. R. Silverman

Economics of Marketing: ABSTRACT

John W. Groesch

King City Oil Field, Monterey County, California: ABSTRACT

Richard R. Thorup

Interplanetary Correlation of Geologic Time: ABSTRACT

Eugene M. Shoemaker

Trends in Geological Society Membership in Oil Industry of California: ABSTRACT

Gordon R. Bell

Vela Uniform--Nation's Quest for Better Detection of Underground Nuclear Explosions: ABSTRACT

Charles C. Bates

Petroleum Exploration with Gas Exploder and Sparker Offshore California: ABSTRACT

Charles B. Officer

Solving the Singing Record: ABSTRACT

Carl H. Savit

Quantitative Mud Analysis for Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Wendell H. Russell

Graphical Analog Dip Computer: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Manly

Foraminiferal Variation in Sediment Layers of Santa Barbara Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Harman

Ontogenetic Variation in Eponides Repandus (Fichtel and Moll): ABSTRACT

Johanna Resig

Foraminifera from Pleistocene Gubik Formation of Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Helen Tappan

California Cretaceous "Siphogenerinoides": ABSTRACT

M. A. Furrer

Stratigraphic Paleontology of Jalama Formation, Western Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California: ABSTRACT

Donald Howard Dailey

Facies Relationships of Sespe and Alegria Formations, Santa Barbara County, California: ABSTRACT

Don L. Protzman

Sedimentary Facies in Modern Basins: ABSTRACT

Tjeerd Hendrik van Andel

Stratigraphic Distribution of Diatom Floras in Sisquoc Formation of Purisima Hills, California: ABSTRACT

Walter W. Wornardt, Jr.

Suprageneric Classification of Rhizopodea: ABSTRACT

Alfred R. Loeblich, Jr., Helen Tappan

Mechanisms of Movement: Basis for New Major Dichotomy of Sarcodina: ABSTRACT

Theodore L. Jahn, Eugene C. Bovee, Eugene B. Small

Mississippian Microspore Assemblage from White Pine County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Dale Wiggins

Pollen Morphology of Rapateaceae: ABSTRACT

Sherwin Carlquist