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AAPG Bulletin

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Personal Factors in Professional Careers

Edgar W. Owen

Maximum Brain Power: New Exploration Breakthrough

Michel T. Halbouty

Space, Things, Time, and Events--An Essay on Stratigraphy

Horacio J. Harrington

Ozark Pre-Cambrian-Paleozoic Relations

Harry E. Wheeler

Ouachita Overthrusting--Stratigraphic Appraisal

Richard R. Hammes

World Offshore Petroleum Resources

L. G. Weeks

Note 32--American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature Definition of Geologic Systems: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

On Certification of Geologists: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Taras P. Storey

Ramifications of Extreme Age of St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Randall Wright

Petroleum on Continental Shelves: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Wallace E. Pratt

National Academy of Sciences Report on Energy Resources: Discussion of Limitations of Logistic Projections: DISCUSSION

John M. Ryan

National Academy of Sciences Report on Energy Resources: REPLY

M. King Hubbert

History of Petroleum Geology and its Bearing on Present and Future Exploration: ABSTRACT

M. King Hubbert

Exploration Opportunity--The Product of Applied Technology: ABSTRACT

James E. Finley

A.A.P.G. Continuing Education Program: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Busch

Economics--The New Dimension in Geological Thinking: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Banking Your Oil Interests: ABSTRACT

E. Ralph Daniel

Geologist as an Expert Witness in Texas Railroad Commission Hearings: ABSTRACT

Wallace Scott, Jr.

South Copano Bay Field, Aransas County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Leonard C. Bryant

Sealing and Non-Sealing Faults: ABSTRACT

Derrell A. Smith

Log Characteristics of Diapiric Shales: ABSTRACT

J. A. Gilreath

Big Hill Field, Jefferson County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Dollison

Distribution of Hydrocarbons in South Louisiana by Types of Traps and Trends--Frio and Younger Sediments: ABSTRACT

James P. Spillers

Origin of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

William F. Tanner

Comparison of Quartz and Carbonate Shallow-Marine Sandstones, Cretaceous Fredericksburg, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

C. H. Moore, Jr., K. G. Martin

Paleoenvironmental Variation Curves and Paleoeustatics: ABSTRACT

Lee A. Smith

Biostratigraphy of Vicksburgian Equivalent at Toledo Bend Dam Site, Louisiana and Texas: ABSTRACT

Don R. Anderson

Paleoecology of Foraminifera from the Wills Point Formation (Midway Group) in Northeastern Texas: ABSTRACT

Gene Ross Kellough

Upper Eocene-Lower Oligocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology in Alabama: ABSTRACT

Paul F. Huddleston, Lyman D. Toulmin

Late Pleistocene and Recent History of Portion of Colorado River Valley of Texas: ABSTRACT

John. J. W. Rogers, Judith C. Longshore

Study of Ecology and Distribution of Recent Foraminifera in Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. Loep

Estimation of Formation Pressures from Log-Derived Shale Properties: ABSTRACT

C. E. Hottman, R. K. Johnson

Studies of Producing Reservoirs with Neutron Lifetime Log: ABSTRACT

G. L. Marquis, P. A. Wichmann, C. W. Millis

Some Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysical Techniques and Data Processing: ABSTRACT

Edward F. Zagst, Charles L. Robinson

Optimum Use of Gravity in Exploration: ABSTRACT

Frederick E. Romberg

Fault Criteria: ABSTRACT

Francis F. Campbell

Environmental Observations in Grande Isle-Grande Terre Area of South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

E. D. Burdine, W. R. Paine, J. C. Wire

Introduction to Delta Symposium: ABSTRACT

Walter A. Anderson

Depositional Environments of Mississippi River Deltaic Plain--Southeastern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Charles R. Kolb, Jack R. Van Lopik

Study of Vicksburg Delta of Harris and Ft. Bend Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jack L. Gregory

Recent Deltation of Colorado River Delta, Texas: ABSTRACT

A. H. Wadsworth, Jr.

History of Apalachicola River Delta Area, Florida: ABSTRACT

William F. Tanner

Island of Freedom: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Baldwin

Distribution of Foraminifera and Sediments, Peru-Chile Trench Area: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Kelvin S. Rodolfo

Origin of Nitrogen-Methane Gas and Anomalously High Fluid Pressures, Sacramento Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. F. Berry

Reflection Techniques Suggest Nature of Deep-Ocean Sediments: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Blue

Stratigraphy and Oil Possibilities of Mesozoic Rocks in Kandik Basin, East-Central Alaska: ABSTRACT

Earl E. Brabb

Offshore Oregon: Observations on Regional Geology: ABSTRACT

John V. Byrne, Neil J. Maloney

Accumulation of Diatomaceous Silica in Sediments of Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

S. E. Calvert

Studies of Some Marine Phosphorites from Baja California: ABSTRACT

B. F. d'Anglejan

Correlation of Stuart Fork Formation with Rocks of Western Paleozoic and Triassic Belt, Klamath Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Gregory A. Davis

(Movie Film) "Rivers-of-Sand" and Other Erosional Processes in Submarine Canyons: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Upper Cretaceous Planktonic Foraminifera from Yolo and Colusa Counties, California: ABSTRACT

Robert Douglas

Effects of Water Table and Tide Cycle on Swash-Backwash Sediment Distribution and Beach Profile Development: ABSTRACT

John R. Duncan, Jr.

Coiling Direction Ratios of Foraminifera Globigerina pachyderma (Ehrenberg) in Northeastern Pacific Surface Sediments: ABSTRACT

Betty J. Enbysk

Archeopyle in Fossil Dinoflagellates: ABSTRACT

William R. Evitt

Palynological Survey of Certain Mesozoic-Tertiary Strata in California: ABSTRACT

William R. Evitt, John S. Warren

Recent Oil and Gas Exploration Activities in Washington: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Ford, Marshall T. Huntting

29D Monarch and 10-10 Pool, A "Sleeper" in Old Midway-Sunset Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Darrell C. Gallear, James O. Kistler

Oriented Sampling in Continental Borderland: ABSTRACT

D. S. Gorsline

Background and History of Outer Continental Shelf Mineral Leasing Program: ABSTRACT

W. E. Grant

Offshore Exploration and Developments--Southern Santa Barbara County: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Herron

Origin of Redbeds, Unsolved Problems: ABSTRACT

F. B. Van Houten

Fluorescent Tracer Study of Eolian Sand Transport: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle, Jr.

Geology and Paleontology of a Portion of Manix Basin Deposits, San Bernardino County, California: ABSTRACT

George T. Jefferson

Sinclair Dinoseis: ABSTRACT

James F. Johnson

High-Speed Digital Correlator for Geophysical Application: ABSTRACT

F. S. Kramer, M. L. Swan

Stratigraphic Evidence for Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone: ABSTRACT

N. Gary Lane

Fishery Management Problems as Related to Marine Seismic Surveys During Petroleum Explorations: ABSTRACT

Tom Leal

Intertidal and Shallow-Water Foraminifera of Tropical Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Lessard

Planktonic Foraminifera in Water Column, Newport Submarine Canyon: ABSTRACT

Louis Lidz

Foraminferal Family Pseudoparrellidae Voloshinova: ABSTRACT

Jere H. Lipps

Miocene Planktonic Foraminifera From Near Newport Beach, California: ABSTRACT

Jere H. Lipps

Deep Structure of Continents: ABSTRACT

Gordon J. F. MacDonald

Offshore Oregon: Some Notes on Petrography and Geologic History: ABSTRACT

Neil J. Maloney, John V. Byrne

Monterey Submarine Canyon, California: Genesis and Relationship to Continental Geology: ABSTRACT

Bruce D. Martin

Source of Palm Spring Sediments, Imperial Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Merriam

Electro-Sonic Profiler: ABSTRACT

Neil A. Moore

Geologic Setting of Beverly Hills and Las Cienegas Fields: ABSTRACT

Frank S. Parker

San Andreas Fault Cross-Sections--Interim Report on A.A.P.G. Committee for Cross-Sections (Sub-Committee for A.A.P.G. Committee for Study of Lateral Faulting in California): ABSTRACT

Max B. Payne

Use of SUE System in Marine Prospecting: ABSTRACT

Jack M. Proffitt

Regional Correlation of Pacific Coast Oligocene Microfaunas: ABSTRACT

W. Thomas Rothwell, Jr.

Digital Seismograms: ABSTRACT

Carl H. Savit

Mineralogy of Recent Sediments of Lucerne Dry Lake, California: ABSTRACT

Edward F. Shover

Migration and Segregation of Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

S. R. Silverman

Laboratory Experiments on Rosalina columbiensis (Cushman): ABSTRACT

William V. Sliter

Professional Certification for A.A.P.G.: ABSTRACT

J. C. Sproule

Ripple Marks in Motion: ABSTRACT

Herbert J. Summers

Developments in Alaska in 1963: ABSTRACT

John M. Sweet

Geology and Development of Lathrop Gas Field, San Joaquin County, California: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Teitsworth

All About A.I.P.G.: ABSTRACT

Martin Van Couvering

Some Paleoecologic Aspects of Recent Ecology of Mugu Lagoon, California: ABSTRACT

John E. Warme

Sediment Tracer Studies: Simple Fluorescent Marking Technique: ABSTRACT

Frederick F. Wright