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Abstract: An Overview of Early Tertiary Terrestrial Paleogeography of the North American Southwest and Gulf Coast

Judith A. Schiebout

Abstract: Distribution of Holocene Foraminifera in the Gulf of Alaska

F. W. Bergen , Philip O'Neil

Abstract: Future Oil Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Sunniland Formation in South Florida

A. V. Applegate, F. A. Pontigo, Jr., J. H. Rooke

Abstract: Late Pleistocene Stratigraphy of Southern Hancock County, Mississippi

Freddie J. Pellegrin

Abstract: Mesozoic and Cenozoic Geology of Georgia Coastal Plain

Howard Ross Cramer , Daniel Douglas Arden

Abstract: Oil and Gas Maturation Zones in the Jurassic and Cretaceous Trends of Northwest Florida, Georgia, and Alabama

George M. Griffin , Alexandro G. Levy , Fred J. Paulus

Abstract: Paleoecology and Porosity Trends of Abnormally High Pressured Sands and Shales

Gene B. Martin

Abstract: Pleistocene Shorelines and Paleogeographic Features, Mississippi Gulf Coast

Conrad A. Gazzier , Freddie J. Pelligrin

Abstract: Quaternary Chronology, Paleoclimate, Eustatic Cycles, and Depositional (Seismic) Sequences

J. H. Beard , J. B. Sangree , L. A. Smith

Abstract: The Lobo Trend of South Laredo Area, Webb and Zapata Counties, Texas

Brian E. O'Brien , Robert E. Freeman

Abstract: The Stratigraphic Interpretation of a Possible Paleo-Stream Channel of the Ancient Nueces River, South Texas

Gerald J. Daub , Jon C Boothroyd

Application of Fracture Identification Logs in the Cretaceous of North Louisiana and Mississippi

Russell O. Brown

Black Lake Field Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana: A Review

Jonas Bailey

Chalkley Field Cameron Parish

Marc Sonnier

Clay Technology and Well Stimulation

William R. Almon , David K. Davies

A Closed Gulf of Mexico, Pre-Atlantic Ocean Plate Reconstruction and the early Rift History of the Gulf and North Atlantic.

Rex H. Pilger, Jr.

Computer Assisted Paleoecologic Analyses and Application to Petroleum Exploration

Gray S. Robinson , Barry Kohl

Cosmopolitan Biozonation for Late Cenozoic Radiolarians and Paleoceanography from Deep Sea Drilling Project Core 77B of LEG 9

Richard A. Reynolds

Depositional Environments of the Gulf of Mexico South Timbalier Block 54 Salt Dome and Salt Dome Growth Models

Gerald R. Stude

Distribution and Geometry of an Oolite-Shoal Complex--Lower Cretaceous Sligo Formation, South Texas (1)

D. G. Bebout, R. A. Schatzinger

Distribution of Living Benthonic Foraminifera as Indicators of Oceanographic Processes of the South Texas Outer Continental Shelf

Camille Hueni , Jane Anepohl Monroe , Joel Gevirtz , Richard Casey

Foraminiferal Paleoecology of the Grayson Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of North-Central Texas

Ernest A. Mancini

Formation Evaluation with Logs in the Ark-La-Tex Cotton Valley

R. W. Frank

Gulf Coast Cenozoic: A Model for the Application of Stratigraphic Concepts to Exploration on Passive Margins

Doris M. Curtis, Edward B. Picou, Jr.

High Level Plio-Pleistocene Shoreline in South Florida

W. F. Tanner, M. Hajishafie

Holocene Marine-Cemented Sands, Joulters Ooid Shoal, Bahamas

Paul M. Harris

Late Pleistocene Carbonate Bank Deposition: Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Richard H. Spaw

Living Shelled Microzooplankton (Radiolarians, Foraminiferans, and Pteropods) as Indicators of Oceanographic Processes in Water Over the Outer Continental Shelf of South Texas.

Ann Leavesley , Mary Bauer , Ken McMillen , Richard Casey

Milestones in Gulf Coast Economic Micropaleontology

Chas. W. Stuckey, Jr.

Mineralogical and Physical Properties of Gulf Coast Limestone Soils

W. C. Isphording

Mineralogy of Pleistocene Terrace Deposits, Louisiana

Monica S. Donellan , Ray E. Ferrell, Jr.

Miocene Geology of Matagorda Island Calhoun County, Texas

James A. McCarthy

A Need for Redefinition of North American Pleistocene Stages

John Boellstorff

New Orleans-South Hancock Holocene Barrier Trends and Origins of Lake Pontchartrain

Ervin G. Otvos, Jr.

Oligocene Reef Community Succession, Damon Mound, Texas

Stanley H. Frost , Steven D. Schafersman

Ostracoda of the Prairie Bluff Chalk, Upper Cretaceous, (Maestrichtian) and the Pine Barren Member of the Clayton Formation, Lower Paleocene, (Danian) from Exposures Along Alabama State Highway 263 in Lowndes County, Alabama

James Keith Smith

Paired Foraminiferal Ecophenotypes in Gulf Coast Estuaries: Ecological and Paleoecological Implications

C. Wylie Poag

Paleostructural Mapping in Bathyal Environments

Ralph Biel , Glenn H. Buck

Peritidal Carbonates and Evidence for Vanished Evaporites in the Lower Ordovician Cool Creek Formation-Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma (1)

Jack W. St. John, Jr., David E. Eby

Petrography and Diagenesis of the Hosston Sandstone Reservoirs at Bassfield, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi

Alan Thomson

Porosity Loss in Sandstone by Ductile Grain Deformation During Compaction

Earle F. McBride

Pre-Platform Exploration of High Island Blocks A-560 and A-561

Jeffrey W. Lund , John S. King , Richard Berlitz , J. A. Gilreath ,

Preliminary Assessment of Organic Carbon Content and Petroleum Source Rock Potential of Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Carbonates, South Florida Basin

James G. Palacas

Primary Migration - A New Tack on an Old Theme

Jack I. Simmons

A Radiometric Investigation Relative to a Gamma-Ray Log, and its Geologic Implications (1)

E. G. Anderson, Robert C. McIlhenny, David E. Pope

Re-Evaluating the Florida Basement

Russell A. Wicker , Douglas L. Smith

Reddell Salt Dome of Louisiana: Geotemperatures and Halokinetics

Madhurendu Bhushan Kumar

Remotely-Sensed Distribution of Suspended Sediment Concentration in Lake Pontchartrain

Jeanne C. Hart

Sample Ordering--A New Statistical Technique for Paleoecological Analysis

Daniel E. Shier

Sand-Body Geometry and Reservoir Potential of Recent Clastic Depositional Systems of the Central Texas Coast

Thomas C. Connaly, Jr.

Sandstone Distribution and Potential for Geopressured Geothermal Energy Production in the Vicksburg Formation Along the Texas Gulf Coast (1)

R. G. Loucks

Sedimentary Facies, Structures, and Grain-Size Distribution: The Red River in Oklahoma and Texas

Daniel E. Schwartz

Southern Florida--Subsurface Features Related to Oil Exploration

J. E. Banks

Stratigraphic Relationships of the Annona Chalk and Gober Chalk (Upper Campanian) Type Localities in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas

Laird B. Thompson, Stephen F. Percival , Judith A. Patricelli

Structural Fabric of Serpentinite and Amphibolite Along the Motagua Fault Zone in El Progreso Quadrangle, Guatemala

Paul J. Roper

Submarine Fan Deposition of the Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval (Upper Cretaceous), Tyler County, Texas

Charles T. Siemers

Water Clarity Near Oil Production Platforms on the Louisiana Continental Shelf and the Source of the Turbid Bottom Water Layer

George M. Griffin