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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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4-D Seismic: A Powerful New Technology for Monitoring Steam Movements in Duri Field-Central Sumatra

S. D. Jenkins, M. F. Bee, J. H. Lyle, E. Murhantoro


Richard Miller

A.Triangle Zone Along the Active Thrust Front in Southern Irian Jaya, Indonesia

K. E. Umbach, D. Klepacki


The Ancient Sangatta Delta: New Insight to the Middle Miocene Northern Kutai Basin Deltaic Systems, East Kalimantan

Wuryadi S. Sadirsan, Djoko N. Imanhardjo, Tri Widyo Kunto

Application of Fractal Method for Quantifying Fault Geometry

Sigit Sukmono, Lilik Hendrajaya, Djoko Santoso

The Application of Fracturing to Bypass Severe Formation Damage in an Ultra-High Permeability Reservoir

Gatot Soedarsono, Charlie Harding, Rifat Said, John Shucart

Application of Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic Techniques in Non-Marine/Marginal Marine Sediments; An Example from the Upper Talang Akar Formation, Offshore Northwest Java

Chandra Suria, C. D. Atkinson, S. W. Sinclair, M. J. Gresko, Bima Mahaperdana



Batu Mandi





Bioremediation Methodology of Oil Wastes in CPI Sumatran Operations

Robert C. Bess, Dasmaji, Dafris Nasrun, M. Hariandja, C. D. Fuhr, Roger Kidder

Carbonate Characterization and Classification from In-Situ Wellbore Images

J. W. Roestenburg

Case History: Water Control Treatment in the Minas Field, Central Sumatra, Indonesia

David L. Barge, George Kalfoglou, Bayong C. Wibowo

The Central Sumatra Basin Geologic Setting

C. Caughey, T. C. Cavanagh, J. N. J. Dyer, A. Kohar, Lestarlnl H., R. A. Lorentz, R. Miller, P. Prijosoesilo, A. W. R. Wight, J. N. Wilson

Conoco Belida Field - Directional Drilling Case Study

J. R. Fairbaim

Deep Water Developments in the Gulf of Mexico

M. W. Bourque, J. E. Fore, J. H. Sheffield, W. R. Trojan

A Deterministic Approach to Modeling a Giant Field with Numerous Stacked Reservoirs

Bashir M. Zagalai

Developing a New Technique Through Partnering with Contractors: Reservoir Prediction Utilizing AVO Walkaway VSP Data to Calibrate Surface Seismic Gathers, a Case Study in Indonesia

Patricia L. C. Henderson, Dan Hampson, Scott Leaney, Nigel Smith, John Rice, Dave Boreham

The Development of an Implicit Flow Model for Predicting the Flow Performance of High Viscosity Oil and Water in Pipelines

Leksono Mucharam, Budhira Lumban Tobing


East Kayuara

Empirical Models for Predicting CO2 Concentrations in North Sumatra

C. M. Reaves, A. Sulaeman

Engineering Solutions to Handle Waxy Kakap KRA Crude

Manoj V. Modi, Hendi Kiswanto, LaVaun S. Merrill Jr.

Enhanced Productivity of the Telisa Sand Through Improved Fracture Stimulation Technique

Brad P. Malone, Mark Kovar, Martias Djabar, Achmad Mansur

The Environmental Impact Management Program Used by Conoco Warim Ltd., During the DIGUL-1 Exploratory Drilling Project in Irian Jaya

Sugiarto, Willy Ekariyono

Environmental Impact of Produced Water Discharges in Coastal Malacca

Nedia P. Kusuma

Exploration and Appraisal Technology: Maximising Rewards by Integration

M. F. S. Petch, M. J. Pink

Exploration Success in the Eastern Part of Indonesia and Its Challenges in the Future

Yanto R. Sumantri, Eddy Sjahbuddin

Field Study for Development and EOR Application Z-1300, Kuala Simpang Barat Structure, North Sumatra

Sigit Suroso, Rombe Miting, Rudiyanto

Gas Reservoir Management in Pertamina UEP Sumbagut for Complying with the Gas Demand in North Sumatera

Syariful Bakhri, Soewono


Geochemical Evaluation of the Liquid Hydrocarbon Potential of "Marginal Source Rocks" — Application to Indonesian Basins

S. C. Teerman, R. J. Hwang, Y. C. Tang, B. Mertani, M. Stauffer, T. T. Ta

Geological Aspects of Horizontal Wells in Petani Field, Central Sumatra

F. X. Darmono

Geology and Reservoir Characterisation of Wiriagar Field as a Diagenetic Facies for Reservoir Simulation

Zam Zam Nurzaman, A. Pujianto

Geology of the Petroliferous, North Sumatra Basin - Post Convention Field Trip

C. A. Caughey, S. Sofyan

The Geometry and Seismic Character of Mid-Late Miocene Carbonate Sequences, SS Area, Offshore Northwest Java

David Carter, Marihot Hutabarat

H.S.E. Management - A Practical Approach

Lynn M. Chenault, S. T. Sherman, John A. Mitchell

Hearing Conservation Program at CPI

Darmansjah Nuch, Kamaluddin Bakar, Jusuf Bakri

High Quality Volcaniclastic Sandstone Reservoirs in East Java, Indonesia

Peter Willumsen, David M. Schiller

High Resolution Aeromagnetics as an Aid to Structural Interpretation Over the Muturi PSC, Irian Jaya

Neil A. W. Moig

Hydraulic Fracturing of the Telisa Formation at Kotabatak Field Central Sumatra

Edward J. Kodl, Dadang Sofyan G.

In-situ Coating of Pipelines in ARII

E. J. Dewar, A. Mushadi, Achmad R. M.

Indonesia Variety of Business Arrangements and Incentives for Petroleum Upstream Activities: A Strategic Management Perspective

F. X. Sujanto, Pramu Hartoyo

The Industry Short Course as a Means of Transferring Hydrocarbon Exploration Knowledge to Indonesian Geoscientists: A Training Dilemma?

Stephen M. Scott, Agus Wijiastono

Integrated Analysis of Petani Gas Sands in Selected Fields Central Sumatra

S. D. Jenkins, Hendar S. M., E. J. Kodl

Irian Jaya-Papua New Guinea Hydrocarbon Exploration: Constraints from Regional Distribution of Geothermal Gradients and Heat Flow

John D. Pigott

Jatibarang Field, Geologic Study of Volcanic Reservoir for Horizontal Well Proposal

Thomas Kalan, H. P. Sitorus, M. Eman



Kenali Asam


Kuala Dalam

Kuala Simpang Barat


Libo SE

Limau-5A (Niru)


Low Resistivity Reservoir Study: Sangatta Field Kalimantan

Suwardji, Ari Buhari, Kuncoro Kukuh, Ron Prayitno

Managing the Downstream Side

Bernard R. Milne, John Costin

The Marine Transportation of LNG: A Risk Perspective

G. Jones, D. R. Prentice, A. Richardson




Multicultural Management: A Key for the Success of Indonesian Petroleum Joint Ventures

Farid Elashmawi


New Business Relationships for Quantum Improvement

B. N. Murali

A New Geochemical Method for Assessing the Maturity of Petroleum: Application to the South Sumatra Basin

Imam B. Sosrowidjojo, Bagus Setiardja, Zakaria, Paul G. Kralert, Robert Alexander, Robert I. Kagi

The North Sumatra Basin Geologic Setting

C. Caughey, T. C. Cavanagh, J. N. J. Dyer, A. Kohar, Lestarlnl H., R. A. Lorentz, R. Miller, P. Prijosoesilo, A. W. R. Wight, J. N. Wilson

Pagerungan PGE Development - the Development of High Rate Gas Wells Using Subsea Trees on Mudline Equipment

Kevin E. Wann

Paluh Tabuhan Barat

Paluh Tabuhan Timur

Pantai Pakam





Petani Horizontal Well - Management Strategy to Recover Hydrocarbon in Menggala Formation

Sugembong C. F., W. L. Brady, Azwir Geneng, M. R. Byrne, T. Barr


Planning and Managing Technology - Technology Strategies in Exploration and Production - Process, Planning and Provisions

D. G. Roberts, R. W. Stephenson

A Practical Case of Offshore Environment Protection in the Mahakam Area

Paul A. Wiet, Triadjie Poerwanto

Preliminary Testing of a Low Cost, Low Gas, Three Phase Meter for Minas Well Testing

Jack Marrelli, James Allison

Pulau Panjang


Quality Skills Training for the Engineering Professional

Scott S. Sollee, David D. Kennedy, Herry Sasongko






Removal of Hydrocarbons from Produced Water at the Arun Field

Erry S. Madian, Tarwanto Moelyodihardjo, Earl S. Snavely, Raymond J. Jan

The Research of Analogues in 3D Seismic Data: A Tool for Sedimentology and Reservoir Engineering

P. Debec, G. Bitoun, F. Mercier

Reservoir Facies and Geometry in Mixed Tide and Fluvial-Dominated Delta Mouth Bars: Example from the Modern Mahakam Delta (East Kalimantan)

George P. Allen, Francis Mercier

The Reservoir Potential of Globigerinid Sands in Indonesia

David M. Schiller, Bernhard W. Seubert, Sabardi Musliki, Mardhan Abdullah

Safety, Health and Environmental Programs at the Pasemah Seismic Operations

Irfan Sidik, Susetyanto


SandBan Sand Treatment in Duri Steam Flood

Dwi Fitrini, R. E. Estill


A Sequence Stratigraphic Model of the Upper Cibulakan Sandstones (Main Interval), Offshore Northwest Java Basin: Insights from U-11 Well

R. Purantoro, P. J. Butterworth, J. G. Kaldi, C. D. Atkinson

Serang Field Re-Evaluation

Tom Clark, Joewono Hadiwijoto, Bashir Zagalai, Steve Martinez, Donna Staples

Serang Jaya

Shale Compaction and Abnormal Pressure Evaluation Application to the Offshore Mahakam

Michel Bois, Yves Grosjean, Louis de Pazzis

The South Sumatra Basin Geologic Setting

C. Caughey, T. C. Cavanagh, J. N. J. Dyer, A. Kohar, Lestarlnl H., R. A. Lorentz, R. Miller, P. Prijosoesilo, A. W. R. Wight, J. N. Wilson

Strategic Development of Technologies for Survival and Growth in the Oil and Gas Industry

Philippe Lacour-Gayet, Kambiz Ali Safinya, Amin Rajeh Amin

Strategic Management of ONWJ Reservoirs for the Domestic Gas Market

Ahmadi Kasim, Scott J. Wilson, Tri Yudho Utomo, Prabodh Pathak, Scott I. Keri

Strategic Management of Technology and Resources a View from Mobil E&P Technical Center

P. L. Caldwell, R. Al-Hussainy

Strategic Management of Technology and Resources Keys to Survival and Growth in the Oil and Gas Industry

Damir S. Skerl

Structural Control on Hydrocarbon Habitat in the Bawean Area, East Java Sea

Hendry Manur, Rob Barraclough

Successful Hydraulic Fracture Treatments in the Anoa Field, Natuna Sea, Indonesia (A Case Study)

J. S. Djalal, C. D. Harding, T. R. Saunders

Talang Akar

Talang Jimar

Tampur Formation, the Forgotten Objective in the North Sumatra Basin?

Rudy Ryacudu, Eddy Sjahbuddin

Tanjung Laban

Tanjung Miring Timur

Tanjung Tiga Barat

Technology as a Driver of Human Resources Development in the Oil and Gas Sector

Muliana Sukardi, Petrus Mamuko

Tectonic Reversal in East Barito Basin, South Kalimantan: Consideration of the Types of Inversion Structures and Petroleum System Significance

Awang Harun Satyana, Parada D. Silitonga


Ultrasonic Images - New Applications: Examples From Kalimantan

Aussie B. Gautama, Firmansjah, W. Scott Leaney, Steven M. Hansen

Unconventional Processing for 3D Data: A 1993 Case History

Claude Eizlini, Jacques Bonnafe, Bugi Kamil, Gilles Bitoun

The Use of LWD and its Impact on Petrophysical Evaluation in the Belida Field, Block 'B', South Natuna Sea

Agus Sutoto

Using Hydraulic Fracture Treatments to Enhance Productivity in the KL Area, Offshore North West Java Sea, Indonesia

Kristina I. Oentarsih, Kamiso, Rifat Said

Wireline Logging of Continuously Cored Slimhole Wells

David B. Waghom, Alan M. Sibbit