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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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2-D and 3-D Prestack Depth Migration for Complex Geologic Structures Offshore Indonesia

M. Murphy, R. Ottolini, R. Estill, E. Lumadyo, M. Mathias

2-D Basin Modeling of Secondary Petroleum Migration in the Sakala Timur PSC, Indonesia

Alwyn Vear, Duncan Macgregor

Advanced Caliper Processing for Early Detection of Casing Problems

Barry Nicholson

Amphoteric Polymer Improves Hydrocarbon/Water Ratios in Producing Wells – An Indonesian Case History Study

Frederick O. Stanley, Hardianto, Ewen Marnoch, Paternus Syukur Tanggu

An Analysis of Low-Contrast Pay in Telisa Sands Packages in Central Sumatra

Bambang Gumilar, Ronny Adriansyah, Andrew R. Thomas, Budi Darmawan

Application of Geoscience Technology in a Geologic Study of the Natuna Gas Field, Natuna Sea, Offshore Indonesia

P. A. Dunn, M. G. Kozar, Budiyono

Application of Molecular Sieve in View of Cleaner Technology: Abstract

Theresia Indrawanti, A. Elyanti, Nurlatifah

Aspects of the Neogene Tectonic History and Hydrocarbon Geology of the Tarakan Basin

Michael R. Lentini, Herman Darman

Avoiding Sand-Cut Failures in Flowlines of Hi-Del Gas Completions in the Badak Field

Syaiful Rachman, Hary Hardiman

Bengkulu Forearc Basin (South Sumatra) - Post Convention Field Trip, October 11th-13th

Barlian Yulihanto, Sudarman Sofyan, Sri Widjaja, Achmad Nurdjajadi, Sulistya Hastuti

Bioremediation of Crude Oil Tar Balls in a Mangrove Environment in the Maxus Field

Huala Nadapdap, J. P. Smith, Steven Broadmeadow

Biostratigraphic Characterization of Systems Tracts in Tertiary Sedimentary Basins

R. J. Morley

Business Process Reengineering Reduces Drill a Well Process Cycle Time Significantly: A Drilling Proposal Coordinators' Story

Herry Sasongko, Abdul Gafar

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy — A Current Assessment: Abstract

J. F. Sarg

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy — A Summary and Perspective with Case History, Neogene, Papua New Guinea

J. F. Sarg, J. R. Markello, L. J. Weber, J. M. Thomson, J. J. Kmeck, M. E. Christal, J. K. Southwell, Y. Tanaka

Carbonate Systems Tracts of an Asymmetric Miocene Buildup Near Kangean Island, E. Java Sea

M. A. Cucci, M. H. Clark

Characterization of Produced Water Impact Outfall in the Java Sea, Indonesia: Abstract

Wiesje A. Rondonuwu, J. P. Smith, Rokhmin Dahuri

Chronology and Intensity of Barito Uplifts, Southeast Kalimantan: A Geochemical Constraint and Windows of Opportunity: Abstract

Awang Harun Satyana, Raden Idris

CO2 Origins and Distribution in Western Indonesia: Abstract

M. J. Raven, B. C. Cooper, L. Samuel, Hardjono, W. Satoto, M. F. J. Flower, C. Y. Xu

A Comparative Study of 3-D Noise Attenuation Techniques

Daniel Wheaton, Yendri, Kusnarya

Competing in the New Era of Knowledge-Based Petroleum Companies

Robert P. Peebler

Complimentary Role of Seismic and Well Data in Identifying Upper Talang Akar Stratigraphic Sequences — Widuri Field Area, Asri Basin

John Armon, Bill Harmony, Steve Smith, Budiyento Thomas, Romina Himawan, Budi Harman, Pujiyanto Lukito, Lee Gilmore, Ichsan Syarkawi

Cost Study for Offshore Exploratory Drilling Operation

Saifullah, Septoratno Siregar, Pudjihanto Suwarno

Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection in LPG Plant Pertamina P. Brandan: Abstract

Yulian Dekri

A Depositional Model for the "Main" Interval, Upper Cibulakan Formation: Its Implications for Reservoir Distribution and Prediction, ARII ONWJ

Sena W. Reksalegora, Yohan Kusumanegara, Philip Lowry

Depositional Systems and Coal Cyclothems in the Upper Malubog Formation (Lower Miocene), Cebu, Central Philippines

Joseph Foronda

Determining Drill Pipe Wear Inside Casing Using Ultra Sonic Measurements

Dwi Ananto, DeWayne R. Schnorr

Development, Testing and Field Case Histories of a Sealed Junction Multilateral Well Completion System

J. R. Longbottom, Dana Dale, Kevin Waddell, John Roberts

Development of Chemicals from Industrial Wastes for Improving Oil Recovery: Abstract

Suryo Purwono, Bardi Murachman, Hardjono, Soetomo Poerodiprodjo

Development of Sequences and Facies Architecture in Continental Strata at Differing Time Scales: Abstract

Peter McCabe, Keith Shanley

The Development of the Integrated Gas Transmission System in Indonesia

A. Qoyum Tjandranegara

Development Strategy for the Awibengkok Geothermal Field, West Java, Indonesia

Novi Ganefianto, Julie Shemeta

Discovery and Petroleum Geology of the Bayu-Undan Gas-Condensate Field: Timor Gap Zone of Cooperation, Area A

Deidre M. Brooks, Angus K. Goody, J. Brendan O'Reilly, Kevin L. McCarty

Downhole Oil and Water Separation – Potential of a New Technology

Larry J. Chrusch

East Java Geological Field Trip - Post-Convention Field Trip

Peter Lunt, Dave Schiller, Tom Kalan

The Economic and Risk Analysis of Oil Field Development in Timor Gap-Zone of Cooperation Area A

Hery Syahrir, Widjajono Partowidagdo

Effective Techniques for Removal of Silicate Scale from Geothermal Wells Using Coiled Tubing

S. D. Turton, S. Purba

Environmentally Safe Burner for Offshore Well Testing Operations

Timothy M. Young

Environmental Management Strategies After the Gulf War

L. N. Ali

Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Tertiary Tonasa Limestone Formation, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Moyra E. J. Wilson

Exploratory Update in the North Tanjung Block, South Kalimantan

Nandang Heriyanto, Achmad Nawawi, Anthony D. M. Mason, Frank T. Ingram, David E. Pedersen, Robert C. Davis

Facies Characteristics and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Oligocene Continental Shelf Deposits of Northern Taiwan

Louis S. Teng, Po-Ching Tai

A Fast Horizontal-Well Coning Evaluation Method

Pudji Permadi

Field Testing of Digital Entry Fluid Imaging Tool in Minas

Cholid Mas, Erwin Sinisuka

Formation Imaging in Geothermal Wells – A Key to Improved Reservoir Characterization in the Kamojang Field of West Java

R. R. Wathan, T. Huntoro, K. Hendrowibowo, H. Sumantri, P. M. Lloyd

The Future Hydrocarbon Potential of Western Indonesia

Steven Courteney

Geological Reservoir Heterogeneity of Talang Akar Depositional System in the Jatibarang Sub-Basin, Offshore NW Java, Indonesia

Ade Dorojatun, Arianto Kusnin, Marihot Hutabarat, Robert K. Suchecki, S. George Pemberton

Geothermal Development in Indonesia by Independent Power Producers

W. Irwin

Gravity Evidence for the Thinning of the Crust Around the North Sumatra Area

Wawan Gunawan A. Kadir, Sigit Sukmono, M. T. Zen, Lilik Hendrajaya, Djoko Santoso

Hard and Soft Data Integration in 3-D Reservoir Modeling: A Case History from Pedada Field, Central Sumatra

P. T. Janele, S. D. Jenkins, A. A. Reed

Hydrocarbon Kitchen and Migration Assessment of North Aceh Offshore Basin, North Sumatra, Indonesia from Views of Sequence Stratigraphy and Organic Geochemistry

A. Fuse, K. Tsukada, W. Kato, H. Honda, Asep Sulaeman, S. Troyer, L. Wamsteeker, Mardhan Abdullah, R. C. Davies, P. Lunt

The Important Role of Carbonates in the Stratigraphic Architecture of Late Pleistocene-Modern Mahakam River Delta-Building Cycles: Abstract

Harry H. Roberts, Johan Sydow

Improvement of Seismic Tomographic Imaging by Downward Continuation and Modified SIRT

Teuku A. Sanny, D. Santoso, D. Dahrin, Fatkhan, Alfian B.

Incentives for Marginal Field Development in Indonesia

Widjajono Partowidagdo

Induced Gamma Ray Spectroscopy (IGS) Log Application in the Java Sea

Cholid Mas, Anna Maria, Mark Schneider, Bambang Hari Setiyawan

In Situ Stress Prediction Using Differential Strain Analysis and Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Splitting

B. Widarsono, J. R. Marsden, M. S. King

Integrating Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging Data with Traditional Down Hole Petrophysical Data to Optimize New Development Wells Strategies in the Bravo Field Offshore North West Java, ARCO Indonesia PSC

Wisnu Widjanarko

K-Limestone as a Condensed Section in Jambi Area: Abstract

Aji Wirawan Sudarwo, Musalam Latuconsina

A Late Pliocene Shallowing Upward Carbonate Sequence and Its Reservoir Potential, Northeast Java Basin

Sabardi Musliki, Suratman

Late Quaternary Glacio-Eustatic Sequences and Stratal Patterns in the Mahakam Delta: Abstract

Pascal Debec, George P. Allen

Managing Brine Injection at Awibengkok Geothermal Project

Harry Prabowo, Iwan Azof

Managing Investments in the Energy Industry, Valuing the Options

L. G. Chorn

Mantle Origin of Global Sea-Level Fluctuations and Geomagnetic Reversals: Evidence from Non-Linear Dynamics

J. F. Collins, J. Bon

Mesozoic to Recent Tectonic and Thermal History of the Bird's Head, Irian Jaya, East Indonesia Using Apatite Fissiontrack Analysis: Abstract

Eddy Sutriyono, Kevin C. Hill, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Ijep Saefudin

Middle Miocene Eustatic Sea-Level Fluctuations: Evidence from Coastal to Shallow Marine Siliciclastic Sequences of Northern Taiwan

Neng-Ti Yu, Louis S. Teng

Miocene Carbonates from the Rajamandala Formation: New Light on an Analogue for the Batu Raja: Abstract

Andrew Carnell, Jon Booler

The Mismatch Between Outcrop Unconformity and Seismic Unconformity

Wolfgang Schlager

Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Facies on an Incised Carbonate Platform, Phar Lap Member (Middle Devonian), Graveyard Creek Basin, Northeastern Australia: Abstract

Simon C. Lang

Multi-Layer Test Analysis for Dissolved Gas Reservoirs

W. Jatmiko, T. S. Daltaban, J. S. Archer

Neural Network Algorithm on Electrical Submergible Pump (ESP) Design: Abstract

Sudjati Rachmat, Anas Pudji Santoso

New Approach to Extended Well Testing in the North Sea Increases Cost Efficiency

Wesley Jay Burris II

New Gas Lift Valve Design Stabilizes Injection Rates

T. Tokar, Z. Schmidt, C. Tuckness

A New Practical Correlation to Predict Specific Productivity Index for Sihapas Formations in the Minas Field

Rinaldi, Faisal Asmadi

New Sand Count Using Core Calibrated UBI™ (Ultra-Sonic Borehole Imager) Data

K. Firmansjah, C. Lombard, F. Mercier, J. L. Chappe, P. Montaggioni

The Offshore Mahakam Delta: Stratigraphic Response of Late Pleistocene-to-Modern Sea Level Cycle

Harry H. Roberts, Johan Sydow

Optimization of Production Rate in Sandy Wells by Using Sonic and Density Logs Data: Abstract

Heru Husaini

Overpressuring in the Kutei Basin: Distribution, Origins and Implications for the Petroleum System

John A. Bates

Paleogene Basin Architecture of the Sunda and Asri Basins and Associated Non-Marine Sequence Stratigraphy

Jeffrey B. Aldrich, Gary P. Rinehart, Susandhi Ridwan, Martin A. Schuepbach

A Patchwork Approach to Valley Fills: A View of 3D Seismic Geometries in Offshore Brunei Darrusalam from Sequence Stratigraphy of Jerudong Outcrops: Abstract

Jacques Durand, Chrisophe Dumay, Jean-Lou Grondin, Alain Ferrer

Performance Appraisal System for Team Work Lessons Learned from P.T. Caltex Pacific Indonesia

Pantja Savitri, Ita Puji Hastuti

Perf Stim/Power Perf Completion Techniques

J. Gilliat

Petroleum and Refinery Waste Minimization and Management - A Cost Effective Strategy for Establishing Sustainable Growth in the Energy Sector

Karel Haubourdin, Edward Mazuroski

Petroleum Systems of the North West Shelf, Australia: How Many Are There?

Tom S. Loutit, Roger E. Summons, Marita T. Bradshaw, John Bradshaw

The Petroleum Systems of West Block 'B' PSC, South Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Eric Michael, Hendro Adrian

Petrology of Core and Cutting Samples from Wells ULB-01 and ULB-02, Ulumbu Geothermal Field, Flores, Indonesia

Pri Utami, P. R. L. Browne

Portfolio Optimization for Resource Allocation: A New Method for Asset Classification and Risk Management

D. B. Williams

Predicting Formation Target Depth Ahead of the Bit with High Accuracy: A Case Study from the Arun Field for a Deviated Well

William L. Soroka

Prediction of Carbonate Sweet Spots from 3-D Seismic: A Case History from Krisna Field

Mary L. Welker-Haddock, Robert K. Park, Sudarmono M.

Prediction of Reservoir Rock Quality from Core Data Analysis: Abstract

Kartawie Putra, Dede Yusuf Darmawan, Herlan Adim, Lestari

A Preliminary Analysis of Possible Formation Damage in the Lower Talang Akar Sandstone Reservoirs of the AVA Field, Offshore North West Java

Teguh Prasetyo

Production Optimization of Tubing Restricted Wells: A Case History

Ronald Gunawan, Bambang S. Ismanto, George R. Dyer

Puffin Formation Sequence Stratigraphy in the Southern Timor Sea: Abstract

D. Ormerod, D. Whittam, M. Fittall

Recent Examples of Sequence Stratigraphic Patterns: A Key to the Past: Abstract

George P. Allen, Henry W. Posamentier

Recent Research in Western Indonesia: A Critical Look at Some Major Events in the Tertiary: Abstract

I. R. Cloke, R. Hall, N. Harbury, R. Holt, C. Howells, A. McCarthy, J. Milsom, S. J. Moss, A. Ngakan, J. Noad, M. J. Wilson

Rejuvenate Old Wells with Through-Tubing Workover

Steve Palar, Jeffry Tampi, DeWayne R. Schnorr

Reservoir Characterization by Integrating Production and Geological Information; Case Study: Kotabatak Pattern Waterflood "High-Grade" Area Selection

Bayong C. Wibowo, Dadang Sofyan G., Terrell Tankersley, William C. Dawson

Reservoir Characterization in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Belida Field, West Natuna Sea, Indonesia: Abstract

R. Pascoe

Reservoir Simulation and Geological Modeling for Development Planning of the Natuna Gas Field

Didit Hadiatno, David J. Fenter

A Review of the Exploration Potential of the Paleocene Lower Tanjung Formation in the South Barito Basin

Jan Bon, Tom H. Fraser, Welly Amris, D. N. Stewart, Zulkifli Abubakar, S. Sosromihardjo

The Role of Technology and Decision Analysis in Reservoir Management

Ganesh C. Thakur

Safety Performance Evaluation Checklist (SPEC)

Raflin P. Lubis

Saturation Exponent at Various Wetting Conditions: Fractal Modeling of Thin-Sections

D. Abdassah, Y. Sumantri, P. Permadi, R. Sumantri

Seismic Expression and Channel Morphology of a Recent Incised-Valley Complex, Offshore Northwest Java

Mark J. Gresko, Philip Lowry

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy in SE Asia: Abstract

G. A. Kirby

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Early-Fill Sequence, Northern Lishui-Jiao Jiang Depression of the Taibei Trough: Implications for Exploration

Wang Jian Ping, Song Li Juan, Tim Tranter, Robert Shoup

Seismic Stratigraphy of Eocene Beriun Sands of West Bungalun, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: A Contribution to the Paleogene Stratigraphical Knowledge of the Kutei Basin

Awang Harun Satyana, Elan Biantoro

Selecting a Tertiary Oil Recovery Process for the Minas Field

Gary Greaser, Bob Ehrlich, Chris Stevens, Faisal Asmadi, Oka Ariyasa, Cedric Cease

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Oligocene and Miocene Carbonates, North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

J. F. Collins, A. S. Kristanto, J. Bon, Charles A. Caughey

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Oligocene and Miocene Carbonates, North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

J. F. Collins, A. S. Kristanto, J. Bon, Charles A. Caughey

Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Middle-Late Miocene Lowstand Sands in the Makassar Strait, Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Steven J. Malecek, Peter Lunt

Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations Based on Conventional Core Data: An Example from the Miocene Upper Cibulakan Formation, Offshore Northwest Java

P. J. Butterworth, R. Purantoro, J. G. Kaldi

Sequence Stratigraphic Studies in the Lower Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

C. J. Stuart, H. F. Schwing, R. A. Armin, B. Sidik, R. Abdoerrias, S. Vijaya, W. D. de Boer, S. K. Wiman, H. L. Heitman, Y. Yusuf, A. Nurhono

Sequence Stratigraphic Surfaces Identified on Conventional Core Data: Talang Akar Formation, Ardjuna Basin, Offshore Northwest Java

Chandra Suria, Peter J. Butterworth, Mark J. Gresko, Steve W. Sinclair, Christopher D. Atkinson

Sequence Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Xihu Trough, East China Sea: Abstract

David Clark, Wang Zhen Rong, Ge He Ping, James Armstrong, Patrick Clews, Julian Pearce, Ian Peton, Michael de Smet, Paul Waton

Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Upper Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Fan Systems in the Barrow-Dampier Rift, NW Shelf, Australia: Abstract

Peter M. Barber

Sequence Stratigraphy Concept Applied to the Middle Miocene to Pliocene Outcrops in the Northeast Java Basin, Indonesia

Yohannes P. Koesoemo, Nahrowi Tejo Yuwono, Sabardi Musliki

Sequence Stratigraphy of a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Ramp Setting: The Cebu Limestone (Upper Oligocene), Central Philippines: Abstract

Joseph Foronda

Sequence Stratigraphy of the North Aceh Offshore Area, North Sumatra, Indonesia

K. Tsukada, A. Fuse, W. Kato, H. Honda, Mardhan Abdullah, L. Wamsteeker, Asep Sulaeman, J. Bon

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic-Mid Cretaceous of the Indus Basin, Pakistan and the Rajasthan Area of India

P. Copestake, B. A. Cooper, M. Slatford, S. Vanstone, T. Maqsood, M. Ashraf

Shallow 3-D Seismic Analysis of Late Pleistocene Lowstand Deltas (Mahakam, Indonesia)

Jeffrey S. Suiter

Some Environmental Aspects of Duri Steam Flood Project: Abstract

Herdy N. Hutabarat

Some New Developments in Sequence Stratigraphy and Variations on the General Sequence Model: Abstract

Henry W. Posamentier, George P. Allen

Sonic Saturation Inversion and AVO Modeling in the Tunu Gas Field

Patrick Fouchard, Scott Leaney, Sugimin Harsono

Source Characteristics of Terang-Sirasun Bacterial Gas Field, E. Java Sea: Abstract

R. A. Noble, F. H. Henk

Source Provenance Interpretation of Kutei Basin Sandstones and the Implications for the Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of Kalimantan

Hondiro Tanean, David W. Paterson, Mac Endharto

Status on Marine Oil Spill Preparedness and Response in Oil and Gas Operations in Indonesia

Max Maloringan

Stratal Architecture and Seismic Stratigraphy of Late Quaternary Bedrock-Controlled Incised Valley Systems, Southern Moreton Bay, Australia

Duncan A. Lockhart, Simon C. Lang, George P. Allen

Stratigraphic Controls on Petrophysical Attributes and Fluid-Flow Pathways in an Exhumed Fluvial Reservoir; Sunnyside Quarry, Carbon County, Utah: Abstract

Yohan Kusumanegara

Structural and Depositional History of East Timor

Timothy A. Reed, Michael E. M. de Smet, Bhakti H. Harahap, Afin Sjapawi

Structural Development of Central South Sulawesi, Indonesia

N. Guritno, D. Q. Coffield, R. A. Cook

Study of Oil Migration and Remigration in the Southern Kampar Block, Central Sumatra

Edi B. Setyobudi, Solichin

Successful Application of New Wireline Conveyed Formation Tester in Attaka Field: Abstract

Steve Palar, Cholid Mas, Marwoto, Syahrani, Thomas B.

Successful Techniques and Pitfalls in Utilizing Biostratigraphic Data in Structurally Complex Terrain: VICO Indonesia's Kutei Basin Experience

Adi P. Kadar, David W. Paterson, Hudianto

Tarakan Sub-Basin Growth Faults, North-East Kalimantan: Their Roles in Hydrocarbon Entrapment

Elan Biantoro, M. Indra Kusuma, Lindy F. Rotinsulu

Tectonically-Controlled Transgressive and Regressive Depositional Systems Tracts: An Example from Late Devonian Coastal and Alluvial Facies (Rockfields Member) in a Hinterland-Type Foreland Basin, Broken River Province, Northern Tasman Orogen: Abstract

Simon C. Lang, Christopher R. Fielding, Paul R. Blake, John S. Jell

Terang Sirasun: Indonesia's First Diverless Subsea Production System?

John Brownridge, Daniel Jayson, Rudy Harjoto

Tertiary Paleogeography of the East and South China Seas

Robert C. Shoup

A Tip Screenout Fracturing Pilot in a Shallow Heavy Oil Steamflood

Rizal Djunaidy Nasution, Pristiwanto H. Putra, F. Kent Thurston, Brad Malone

Tugu Barat Mini Integrated Plant for Small Scale Natural Gas Utilization

Satya Adhika Putra, Didi Himarwanto, Brahmana G. M. S.

Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD) – A Cost Effective Method to Reduced Monopod Movement Due to Wave Load

Anggiat M. Sihotang, Rudianto Rimbono

Understanding Multiples to Upgrade Low-Relief Prospects

Sunu H. Praptono, Witan O. Ardjakusumah

The Use of Pseudofunctions in the Up-Scaling of Reservoir Simulation Models

Erie Soedarmo, Wiria Tirtasudira

Use of Sequence Stratigraphy in Carbonate Exploration: Sunda Basin, Java Sea, Indonesia

P. Wicaksono, A. W. R. Wight, W. R. Lodwick, R. E. Netherwood, B. Budiarto, D. Hanggoro

Use of Windowed Seismic Attributes in 3D Seismic Facies Analysis and Pattern Recognition

David C. Carter

Using Sequence Stratigraphic Methods in High-Sediment Supply Deltas: Examples from the Ancient Mahakam and Rajang-Lupar Deltas

John W. Snedden, J. F. (Rick) Sarg, Michael J. Clutson, M. Maas, Tim E. Okon, Michael H. Carter, Barry S. Smith, Thomas H. Kolich, Md. Yazid Mansor

Utilizing Outcrop and Palaentological Data to Determine a Detailed Sequence Stratigraphy of the Early Miocene Sediments of the Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan

I. S. Carter, R. J. Morley

Variations in Sour Gas Concentrations in the NSB 'A' Field, Offshore North Sumatra

Christopher M. Reaves

VICO Indonesia Experience in Using Internally Plastic Coated Tubing for Wells in CO2 Gas Environment

Popi A. Nafis, Kusmaryanto Dewanto