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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Supercritical Flow in Density Currents

Bryce M. Hand

Geotechnical Properties of the Golfo San Matias, Argentina

Adrian F. Richards, Peter T. Dzwilewski

The Magnetic Fabric of Samples from the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Legs I-VI

A. I. Rees , D. Frederick

Coarse Sediment Morphometry: A Comparative Study

E. J. Brock

Particle-Size Measurements by Coulter Counter of Very Small Deposits and Low Suspended Sediment Concentrations in Streams

P. H. Walker, K. D. Woodyer, J. Hutka

The Vertical Packing of Shells and Stones on Some Recent Beaches

David J. Sanderson, R. Nowell Donovan

Feeding Sea Birds as a Factor in Lamellibranch Valve Sorting Patterns

R. W. G. Carter

An Unusual Inclusion in Beachrock

William H. Easton

The Control of Mud Crack Patterns by Small Gastropod Trails

Christopher T. Baldwin

Bedforms and Structures Associated with Bar Topography in the Shallow-Water Wave Environment, Kouchibouguac Bay, New Brunswick, Canada

Robin G. D. Davidson-Arnott, Brian Greenwood

Sand Dispersal in Eastern and Southern Lake Ontario

Robert G. Sutton, Thomas L. Lewis, Donald L. Woodrow

Petrography and Paleoecology of Holocene Peats from the Okefenokee Swamp-Marsh Complex of Georgia

Arthur D. Cohen

Note on Weathered Arkosic Beds

M. R. Mousinho De Meis, Elmo S. Amador

Petrology of Carbonate Rocks of the Green River Formation (Eocene)

Charles R. Williamson, M. Dane Picard

Significance of Color in Red, Green, Purple, Olive, Brown, and Gray Beds of Difunta Group, Northeastern Mexico

Earle F. McBride

Mn Distribution in the Mesozoic Carbonate Rocks from Lima Valley, Northern Apennines

Alberto Bencini, Alessandro Turi

Coextensive Supratidal Dolomite and Underlying Secondary Dolomite in the Triassic of North-Central Nevada

K. M. Nichols

Origin and Diagenesis of Calcitic and Hematitic Nodules in the Jordan Sandstone of Northeast Iowa

David B. Johnson, Keene Swett

Origin of a Lower Pennsylvanian Depositional Cycle

Jerome N. Namy

Carbonate Facies in the Lower Carboniferous (Visean) of St. Monance, East Fife, Scotland

A. A. Selim, P. McL. D. Duff

Submarine Cementation in Reefs: Example from the Red Sea

Gerald M. Friedman, Abraham J. Amiel , Nahum Schniedermann

Sedimentary Structures in Resedimented Conglomerate of the Cambrian Flysch, L'Islet, Quebec Appalachians

Michel Rocheleau, Jean Lajoie

Carbonate Cement Stratigraphy of the Lake Valley Formation (Mississippian) Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

William J. Meyers

Mechum River Formation: Late Precambrian (?) Alluvium in the Blue Ridge Province of Virginia

Frederic L. Schwab

Cyclic Sedimentation of the Solor Church Formation (Upper Precambrian, Keweenawan) Southeastern Minnesota

G. B. Morey

The Origin of Quartz Geodes and Cauliflower Cherts Through the Silicification of Anhydrite Nodules

T. M. Chowns , J. E. Elkins

Aragonitic and High-Mg Calcite Caliche from the Persian Gulf--A Modern Analog for the Permian of Texas and New Mexico

Peter A. Scholle , David J. J. Kinsman

Calcite Cementation of a Quaternary Conglomerate in Southern Sinai

Ron Bogoch, Philip Cook

Origin and Significance of Grapestone, Bahama Islands

H. Dale Winland, R. K. Matthews

An Inexpensive Hand-Operated Sediment Corer

Robert G. Sutton

A Visual Measure of Shingle Particle Form for Use in the Field

Roger S. Crofts

A Modified Dip-Direction Indicator

G. B. Morey

The CBI Pogo Stick Corer

J. R. Schubel, E. W. Schiemer

A Simple Sieving and Splitting Device for Field Analysis of Coarse Grained Sediments

Hillert Ibbeken

Lithification of Chalky Limestone: A Case Study in Senonian Rocks from Israel

Mordeckai Magaritz

Modern Deep-Sea Magnesian Calcite in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea

Renzo Satori