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Exploratory Drilling in 1959

B. W. Blanpied

1959 Gas and Oil Developments in New York State

W. Lynn Kreidler

Developments in Pennsylvania in 1959

William S. Lytle

Oil and Gas Developments in Ohio in 1959

Robert L. Alkire , Bernard A. Floto , Allan W. Johnson

Oil and Gas Developments in West Virginia in 1959

R. C. Tucker

Oil and Gas Developments in Tennessee in 1959

H. C. Milhous

Developments in Illinois in 1959

Alfred H. Bell , Jacob Van Den Berg

Developments in Indiana in 1959

G. L. Carpenter, Howard Smith

Developments in Michigan in 1959

R. E. Ives, G. D. Ells

Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1959

Walter H. Martz, Jr.

Developments in Oklahoma in 1959

M. C. Roberts

Developments in Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles in 1959

Herbert M. Gorrod

Developments in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico in 1959

Charles A. Peek

Developments in North Texas in 1959

Larry G. Stephenson

Developments in West-Central Texas in 1959

W. A. Womack, Jr.

Developments in South Texas in 1959

Fred Goodwin, Jr. , Martha Bybee , J. C. Wise

Developments in East Texas in 1959

Bruce W. Fox , Thomas B. Patrick

Developments in Upper Gulf Coast of Texas in 1959

A. D. Brixey, Jr., J. W. Alewine

Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast in 1959

Donald W. Love , Donald R. Duncan

Developments in Arkansas and North Louisiana in 1959

Sankey L. Blanton, Jr. , R. W. Duschatko

Developments in Southeastern States in 1959

F. B. St. John, Jr. , Tracy W. Lusk

Developments in Atlantic Coastal States Between New Jersey and South Carolina in 1959

Horace G. Richards

Developments in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota in 1959

Robert H. Burton , John R. Dyer

Developments in Wyoming and Idaho in 1959

E. C. Mees

Oil and Gas Developments in Utah and Nevada in 1959

D. A. Preston , Graham S. Campbell

Developments in Colorado and Western Nebraska in 1959

O. Winston Hampton , R. C. Blakely

Developments in Arizona and Western New Mexico in 1959

Harrell Budd

Developments in West Coast Area in 1959

H. L. Popenoe

Developments in Western Canada in 1959

T. J. Latus

Developments in Eastern Canada in 1959

D. Jardine , B. V. Sanford , J. E. S. Milne

Developments in Alaska in 1959

Harold M. Lian

Success of Exploratory Drilling in United States and Estimate of Risk Incurred--Additional Conclusions on Data of A.A.P.G. Committee on Statistics of Exploratory Drilling Reported, June, 1959: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. Ospina-Racines

South Dakota Oil--Past, Present, and Future: ABSTRACT

Allen F. Agnew, John Paul Gries

Crisis in the Earth Sciences. Legal or Self-Regulation?: ABSTRACT

B. W. Beebe

Geologic Field Evidence Suggesting Membrane Properties of Shales: ABSTRACT

Fred A. F. Berry

Richey Field, Montana: ABSTRACT

Arden F. Blair

Mississippian in Alberta Plains and the Reflection Seismograph: ABSTRACT

G. J. Blundun

Mesaverde Group in Adjoining Areas of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John A. Burger

Dodsland Field, Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

M. B. B. Crockford

Buck Peak Oil Field--Moffat County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Kenneth F. Cummings

Geology of Stensvad Field, Montana, and Its Regional Geologic Setting, with Notes on Tyler Reservoir: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Dinkins

Red River Formation: Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation: ABSTRACT

A. L. Evans

New Interpretation for Wolf Springs Field, Montana: ABSTRACT

John R. Fanshawe

Oil Sands at Base of Pennsylvanian in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Foster

Ordovician and Silurian of Central and Southern Parts of Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

J. G. C. M. Fuller

Problems in Correlation of Mississippian Strata in Southeastern Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

L. M. Fuzesy

Stratigraphic and Structural Traps in Big Piney-La Barge Area, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

A. J. Gosar

Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary from Peace River Area to Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

H. L. Halbertsma, F. L. Staplin

Wasatch Gas in Uinta Basin and Its Effect on Future Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

C. W. Hendel

Small Pseudochitinous and Resinous Microfossils: New Tools for Subsurface Geologist: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Jodry, Donald E. Campau

Three Forks and Bakken Stratigraphy in West Central Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

Paul Kents

Gravity Measurements East of Black Hills and along a Line from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Daniel Lum

Gas in Gallup and "Tocito" Formations in San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert P. McNeal, Floyd H. Miller

Cost of Finding Oil in Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

R. E. Megill

Uses of Petrographic Microscope in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

D. N. Miller, Jr.

Revised Nomenclature for Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Maurice H. Smith

Pennsylvanian Gas in Four Corners Region: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Boyd R. Brown, A. J. Joleit, J. W. Parker

Bar-X, San Arroyo, Westwater Creek Gas Fields, Colorado: ABSTRACT

W. Don Quigley

Thickness and Distribution of Devonian Formations in Relation to Buried Pre-Madison Structural Features in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg

Photogeomorphology and Oil Exploration in Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Eugene M. Shearer, James E. Engel

Facies and Porosity Relationship in Some Mississippian Carbonate Cycles of Western Canada Basin: ABSTRACT

G. E. Thomas, R. P. Glaister

Coyote Creek Field, Wyoming, Its Character and Significance: ABSTRACT

John F. Trotter

Hebgen Lake, Montana, Earthquake of August 17, 1959.: ABSTRACT

Irving J. Witkind

Oil and Gas Developments in Kentucky in 1959

Edmund Nosow