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Mother Nature as an Oil Polluter

Kenneth K. Landes

Stratigraphy of Assam Valley, India

L. L. Bhandari , R. C. Fuloria , V. V. Sastri

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins on East Coast of Peninsular India

V. V. Sastri , R. N. Sinha , Gurcharan Singh , K. V. S. Murti

Geology, Gravity, and Magnetics at Juncture of Southern and Central Appalachians, New Castle Area, Craig County, Virginia

Martin L. Bregman , Robert E. Francis, Jr.

Origin of Conglomerates in Silurian Red Mountain Formation of Central Alabama; Their Paleogeographic and Tectonic Significance

Denny N. Bearce

Evidence for Peritidal Deposition of Devonian Caballos Novaculite, Marathon Basin, Texas

Robert L. Folk

Entrapment of Petroleum in Isolated Porous Bodies

Caswell Silver

Nubia Sandstone: Type Section: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Bahay Issawi

Permian Fusulinids From Near San Felipe, Baja California

R. G. Gastil , D. V. Lemone , W. J. Stewart

Giant Neogene Pectinids of Eastern North Pacific--Chronostratigraphic and Zoogeographic Significance: ABSTRACT

Warren O. Addicott

Polycyclic Hydrocarbons in Oil Shale--Origin and Geochemical Fate: ABSTRACT

P. Albrecht

Oil Field Subsidence--Susceptibility and Monitoring Techniques: ABSTRACT

Dennis R. Allen

Data Collection and Processing Techniques for Increased Significance of Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry: ABSTRACT

Jerald Alliger, Vernon N. Jackson, Harold C. McIlrath

Porosity and Permeability in Silurian Carbonate Rocks of Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Amsden

Tectonics and Depositional History of Rocky Mountain Intermontane Basin: ABSTRACT

David W. Andersen, M. Dane Picard

Subtle Surface Mapping--Kelsh Plotter Techniques: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Anderson

Oxygen Isotope Composition of Recrystallized Carbonates Associated with Submarine Volcanic Rocks: ABSTRACT

Thomas F. Anderson

Chemical Coefficients for Iron, Manganese, Lead, Zinc, and Copper in River Water and Suspended Load, and Mineralogic Composition of Suspended Load of Selected Kansas River Systems: ABSTRACT

E. E. Angino

Oligocene Biostratigraphy of Lincoln Creek Formation, Southwestern Washington: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Carboniferous Colonial Rugose Corals, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology, Lisburne Group, Arctic Alaska: ABSTRACT

Augustus K. Armstrong

Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, California--Rates of Late Cenozoic Uplift: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Louie Marincovich, Jr.

Late Pleistocene Deformation of Cascadia Basin Turbidites along Washington Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

William D. Barnard

Paleoclimatic Interpretations for Late Miocene of California Based on Marine Diatoms: ABSTRACT

John A. Barron

Correlation of Marine and Continental Pliocene Deposits in Northern California by Tephrochronology: ABSTRACT

J. Alan Bartow, Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki, Warren O. Addicott, Kenneth R. Lajoie

Subandean Basin Oil Fields, Ecuador and Colombia: ABSTRACT

J. Howard Bass

Ancient Anhydrite Facies and Environments--Their Role in Reconstructing Geologic History of Middle Devonian Elk Point Basin, Alberta: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout, W. R. Maiklem

Environmental Significance of Certain Yellow-Brown Dolomites, Great Basin, California and Nevada: ABSTRACT

S. Robert Bereskin

Color Photography and its Application to Natural Resource Exploration: ABSTRACT

Denzil W. Bergman

"Vibroseis" Evolution in California: ABSTRACT

W. E. Bird

Tectonic Control of Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Sedimentation Near Hinge Line of Cordilleran Miogeocline: ABSTRACT

Harold J. Bissell

What is the Environment?: ABSTRACT

E. M. Borgese

Marine Geologic Aspects of American Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma

Transition from Shelf to Basinal Carbonates in Middle Cambrian Marjum Formation of House Range, Western Utah--Paleoenvironmental Analysis: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Brady, Richard B. Koepnick

Synoptic Surf-Zone Sedimentation Patterns: ABSTRACT

Benno M. Brenninkmeyer

Pressured Shale and Related Sediment Deformation--Mechanism for Development of Regional Contemporaneous Faults: ABSTRACT

C. H. Bruce

Mini-Crews for Seismic Operations: ABSTRACT

Siegfried Bucher

Comparative Compositional Studies of Organic Matter in Various Deep-Sea Drilling Project Cores: ABSTRACT

A. L. Burlingame, Bernd R. Simoneit

Economic Variables in Production of Oil from Oil Shale: ABSTRACT

Russell J. Cameron

Huasteca Series (Middle and Upper Jurassic) and its Relation with Poza Rica Reservoir, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Abelardo Cantu-Chapa

Exotic Blocks of Forereef Slope, Cretaceous Valles-San Luis Potosi Platform (Mexico): ABSTRACT

Baldomero Carrasco-V.

Application of Coal Petrographic Methods in Relating Level of Organic Metamorphism to Generation of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

John R. Castano

Progress in Arctic Ocean Sediment Studies: ABSTRACT

David L. Clark

Generation of Light Hydrocarbon Gases in Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

G. E. Claypool, I. R. Kaplan, B. J. Presley

Sedimentary Evolution of Northern Apennines as Consequence of Embryonic Tethyan Spreading During Late Triassic-Early Jurassic: ABSTRACT

Roberto Colacicchi, Giampaolo Pialli, Antonio Praturlon

Cretaceous Sediment Dispersal Patterns in the Methow-Pasayten Graben, North Cascades, Washington: ABSTRACT

Mark R. Cole

Direct Detection of Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

C. I. Craft

Tar Sands Development: ABSTRACT

J. S. Cross

Origin of Late Cenozoic Basins in Southern California: ABSTRACT

John C. Crowell

Marine Mineral Resource Economics: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Cruickshank

Biogeographic Significance of Early Cretaceous Foraminifera from Budden Canyon Formation, Northwestern Sacramento Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Donald H. Dailey

Role of Storms in Development of Ancient Marine Ridge and Swale System: ABSTRACT

David K. Davies, Robert L. Brenner

Global Look at High Pressures: ABSTRACT

Raul A. Deju

Sedimentation Associated with Tectonism of Ancestral Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Richard H. de Voto

Paleobathymetry by Fish Otoliths: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Dixon

Empirical Evidence for Petroleum Migration in Solution and Detection of Altered Crude Oils: ABSTRACT

Terrence J. Donovan

Late Precambrian-Early Cambrian Stratigraphy of Kelso Mountains, Eastern Mojave Desert, California: ABSTRACT

George C. Dunne

Sediment Transport and Shoreline Changes along Alaskan Arctic Coast: ABSTRACT

J. A. Dygas, D. C. Burrell, A. S. Naidu

Paleontologic Evidence for Mid-Miocene Refrigeration, from Subsurface Marine Shale, Louisiana Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Dorothy Jung Echols, Doris Malkin Curtis

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

Gerhard H. Eisbacher, Maurice Carrigy

Relation of Invertebrate Death Assemblages to Living Benthic Communities in Recent Carbonate Sediments Along Eastern Yucatan Coast: ABSTRACT

Allan A. Ekdale

Channelized Submarine Carbonate-Debris Flow, Cretaceous, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Paul Enos

Discovery and Development of Sawtelle Oil Field, California: ABSTRACT

S. Eschner, M. K. Scribner

Quantitative Petrology and Depositional Environments Within Essentially Isochronous Units of Detrital Sediment, Upper Devonian, New York: ABSTRACT

Frank G. Ethridge

Jurassic Proximal and Distal Carbonate Turbidites of Central High Atlas Mountains, Morocco: ABSTRACT

Ian Evans, Christopher G. St. C. Kendall

EPA Regulations Affecting Oil Industry: ABSTRACT

A. G. Everett

Late Paleozoic Clastic Wedges in Appalachian Province: ABSTRACT

John C. Ferm

Erosional Origin of Inner Shelf Sediments--Evidence from North Florida: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Edward P. Meisburger

Evolution of Santa Barbara Basin-Western Transverse Ranges, California: ABSTRACT

Peter J. Fischer

Deltaic Sedimentation, Salt Mobilization, and Growth Faulting in Gulf Coast Basin: ABSTRACT

W. L. Fisher

How Mining Industry Considers the Environment: ABSTRACT

J. D. Forrester

Practical Application of Remote Sensing to Petroleum and Mineral Exploration: ABSTRACT

Norman H. Foster

Petrology and Sedimentation of Early Paleozoic Island-Arc Deposits, Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

S. G. Franks, J. Helwig

Starved Rock Member of St. Peter Sandstone--Offshore Shoal: ABSTRACT

Gordon S. Fraser, Norman C. Hester

Temporal Dolomite-Calcite Sequence and its Environmental Implications: ABSTRACT

Tom Freeman

Aspects of Geologic History and Marine Geology of New York Bight: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman, John E. Sanders

Generation of Laminated Gypsum in Sea-Marginal Pool, Red Sea: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman, Amihai Sneh, Roy W. Owen

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Recent Shallow-Marine and Tidal-Flat Sediments, Southwest Andros Island, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Conrad D. Gebelein

Tectonically Controlled Sedimentation During Middle Paleozoic in Northeastern North America: ABSTRACT

Helmut Geldsetzer

Foraminiferal and Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy, Paleoecology, and Basinal Reconstruction, Anita Formation, Western Santa Ynez Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

James M. Gibson

Sedimentation and Diagenesis in Deep Forereef, British Honduras Barrier and Atoll Reefs: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Ginsburg, Noel P. James, Donald S. Marszalek, Lynton S. Land, Judith Lang, John L. Wray

Faults and Earthquakes in Monterey Bay Region, California: ABSTRACT

H. Gary Greene, William H. K. Lee, David S. McCulloch, Earl E. Brabb

Geologic Effects of Cities: ABSTRACT

M. Grant Gross

Problems of a New Frontier: ABSTRACT

John J. Guthrie

Repetitive Carbonate-Bank Development and Subsequent Terrigenous Inundation; Cambrian Carrara Formation, Southern Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Halley

Government and the Energy Crisis: Collision or Collaboration: ABSTRACT

C. P. Hansen

Keys to Recognition of Carbonate Reservoir Rocks: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Harris, J. O. Szabo, F. B. Williams

Aeromagnetic Surveys in Labrador Basin: ABSTRACT

Ronald R. Hartman

Underwater Imagery by Mapping Sonar: ABSTRACT

Edward F. Haye

Transposition--A Somewhat Neglected Mechanism of Sedimentary Emplacement: ABSTRACT

R. Hesse, A. F. King, Harold G. Reading

Effects of Postdepositional Subaerial Weathering and Intrastratal Solution on Paleoclimatic and Paleotectonic Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Norman C. Hester

Food Supply--Limiting Factor of Foraminiferal Populations: ABSTRACT

Alfred M. Hirsch, David Govoni

Petroleum Indicators in Formation Waters from Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Brian Hitchon, M. K. Horn

Comparison of Natural Humic Acids with Amino Acid--Glucose Reaction Products: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Hoering, P. E. Hare

Physical and Biogenic Characteristics of Sediments from Outer Georgia Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

James D. Howard, Robert W. Frey, Frank A. Kingery

Diagnosis of Processes Modifying Distribution of Atmospherically Transported Volcanic Glass in Deep-Sea Sedimentary Cores: ABSTRACT

T. C. Huang, N. D. Watkins, R. H. Fillon

Sedimentation on Cretaceous Ocean Ridge, Troodos Massif, Cyprus: ABSTRACT

John D. Hudson, Alastair H. F. Robertson

Coal Gasification Developments: ABSTRACT

Jack Huebler, C. L. Tsaros

Stratigraphy and Diagenesis of Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs (Silurian) in Northern Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

John M. Huh, Louis I. Briggs

Unsolved Problems Concerning Origin and Migration of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

John M. Hunt

Caliche Soil Horizons on Oolitic Shoals and Carbonate Mud Mounds in Carboniferous (Newman Limestone) of Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

R. F. Inden, J. C. Horne

Sedimentation in Nha Trang Bay, South Vietnam: ABSTRACT

Douglas L. Inman, Charles E. Nordstrom

Differential Cementation of Pleistocene Carbonate Fanglomerate, Guadalupe Mountains: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

Thermal Environments as Models of Precambrian Environments: ABSTRACT

Thomas J. Jackson, Warren G. Meinschein

Subsea Cementation of Shallow British Honduras Reefs: ABSTRACT

Noel P. James, Robert N. Ginsburg, Donald S. Marszalek, Philip W. Choquette

Erts and Remote Sensing's Niche in Geoscience: ABSTRACT

John E. Johnston, Frank J. Janza

Nature and Significance of Borings and other Structures on and within Oolite Allochems: ABSTRACT

Charles F. Kahle, Robert Eutsler, John Huh

Structure and Stratigraphy of Rharb Basin and Relation to Plate-Margin Tectonics: ABSTRACT

William H. Kanes, Munthir Morabet, James A. Helwig

Interaction of Aqueous Mg2+ with Growing Calcite Crystals and its Effect on the Aragonite ^rarr Calcite Transformation Between 25 and 90 Degrees Celsius: ABSTRACT

Amitai Katz

Geothermal Exploration at Summit of Kilauea Volcano: ABSTRACT

George V. Keller

Nature of Thrust Faulting in Southern Inyo Mountains, Southeastern California: ABSTRACT

John S. Kelley, Calvin H. Stevens

Coral-Reef and Bioherm Morphology--Criteria for Interpretation of Evolution of Jurassic Basin of Central High Atlas Mountains, Morocco: ABSTRACT

Christopher G. St. C. Kendall, Ian Evans

Physical and Biogenic Characteristics of Nearshore Shelf, Pensacola, Florida: ABSTRACT

Harry C. Kent, Jorgen Dorjes, James D. Howard, Stefanus J. Van Wyk

Primary Subtidal Dolomicrite from Baffin Bay, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jerry S. Kier

Dolomitization Process in Sabkha Environment: ABSTRACT

David J. J. Kinsman

Coastal Zone--Search For Options: ABSTRACT

Ronald L. Kolpack

Studies of Quartz Sand Grains By Cathodoluminiscence: ABSTRACT

David Krinsley

Diagenesis of Amino Acids and Their Enantiomers: ABSTRACT

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Microseismicity and Recent Tectonic Activity, Whittier Fault Area, California: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Lamar

Holocene Meteoric Dolomitization of Pleistocene Limestones, North Jamaica: ABSTRACT

Lynton S. Land

Hydrocarbon Generation Related to Carbonization and Facies Types in Denver Basin Upper Cretaceous: ABSTRACT

Roger E. Laplante

Evaluation of Remote Sensors For Exploration Geomorphology: ABSTRACT

Laurence H. Lattman

Comparative Biology and Ecology of Tropical and Antarctic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Jere H. Lipps

Uranium and Its Future Role in National Energy Requirements: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Lisco

Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of Deep-Sea Oceanic Formation on Barbados, West Indies: ABSTRACT

George P. Lohmann

Altamont--A Major Fractured and Overpressured Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Peter T. Lucas

Dolomite, Limestone Facies, and Insoluble Residue--A Relationship?: ABSTRACT

David N. Lumsden

Geochemistry of a Sedimentary Process, Golfo San Matias: ABSTRACT

W. Lunking, F. R. Siegel, J. W. Pierce

Imaging Radar--Tool for Petroleum and Mineral Exploration: ABSTRACT

Harold C. MacDonald

Problems in Chemical Analysis of Environment: ABSTRACT

H. B. Mark, Jr.

Geology of Eastern and Central Nicaragua--Interpretation of Side-Looking Radar Imagery: ABSTRACT

Peter H. A. Martin-Kaye

Aggregate Particles in Sediments of Yukon River, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Martin D. Matthews

Boulder Beds in Tesnus and Dimple Formations (Mississippian-Pennsylvanian), Payne Hills, Marathon Region, Texas: ABSTRACT

E. F. McBride

Statistical Analysis of Flysch Sequence Regarded as Series of Point Events: ABSTRACT

Richard B. McCammon

Sedimentation and Sediment-Mass Balance in Eastern Mediterranean Sea: ABSTRACT

Floyd W. McCoy

Big Piney-La Barge Producing Complex, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert E. McDonald

Geometry and Morphology of Crustacean Burrows in Torrey Pines and Bodega Estuaries, California: ABSTRACT

Eric J. McHuron, Kenneth J. McMillen, John E. Warme


V. E. McKelvey

Interactions Between Microbial Populations and Organic-Matter Discharges: ABSTRACT

Byron J. Mechalas

Uppermost Carboniferous Stratigraphy and Depositional History Near Huntington, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Glen K. Merrill

Wide-Line Profiling: ABSTRACT

Dominique Michon, Paul Tariel

Oil Industry Viewpoint: ABSTRACT

E. B. Miller

Silurian Conodonts from Death Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Miller

Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evidence for Miocene Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

John A. Minch

Geologic Evolution of North-Northeast Continental Margin of Brazil: ABSTRACT

Kazumi Miura, J. C. Barbosa

Sedimentary and Tectonic History of Cretaceous Flysch in Southwestern Alaska: ABSTRACT

J. Casey Moore

Sediments and Structure of Continental Margin, Central Venezuela: ABSTRACT

Jack Morelock, Neil J. Maloney, W. R. Bryant

Sedimentary and Tectonic History of Ouachita Mountains: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Morris

Structure, Sedimentation, and Paleoenvironments of Northern Capitan Reef Complex, New Mexico and West Texas: ABSTRACT

Ward S. Motts

Lateral Variations of Clay Minerals in Deltaic Sediments of Colville and Adjacent Rivers, North Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

A. S. Naidu, T. C. Mowatt

Continental-Margin Sedimentation of Eocene Tejon Formation, Western Tehachapi and San Emigdio Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Tor H. Nilsen

Sedimentation and Tectonics in Early Tertiary Continental Borderland of Central California: ABSTRACT

Tor H. Nilsen, Samuel H. Clarke

Determination of Some Paleohydraulic Parameters: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal

Sand-Dispersion Patterns Produced by Wave-Current and Tidal-Current Interactions in Nearshore Zone: ABSTRACT

George F. Oertel

Pleistocene History of Globigerina Pachyderma (Ehrenberg) in Site 36, Deep-Sea Drilling Project, Northeastern Pacific: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Olsson

Changes in Isotopic Abundances of Carbon (C13/C12) and Sulfur (S34/S32) During Petroleum Maturation--Big Horn Basin Paleozoic Oils: ABSTRACT

Wilson L. Orr

Geothermal Energy: ABSTRACT

Carel Otte

Jay Field, Florida--Jurassic Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Robert D. Ottmann, Paul L. Keyes, Martin A. Ziegler

Quantitative Environmental Gradient Model for Interpreting Habitats of Microfossil Assemblages: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Park

High-Resolution Marine Seismic Profiling: ABSTRACT

Julian K. Pawley

Origin of Petroleum--Steranes as Products of Early Diagenesis in Recent Marine and Freshwater Sediments: ABSTRACT

Eric Peake, Gordon W. Hodgson

Dolomitization of Carbonate Members in Lower Goose Egg Formation (Permian) of Southeastern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

E. P. Pearson

Minerals and Energy--Their Economic Impact on a Region: ABSTRACT

John A. Pederson

New Geophysical and Geologic Data on Northwest European Shelf and Their Bearing on Sea-Floor Spreading and Oil and Gas Exploration: ABSTRACT

R. M. Pegrum, G. Rees, S. M. Mounteney, D. Naylor

Stratigraphic Framework of Atlantic Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

W. J. Perry, J. P. Mynard, E. G. A. Weed, E. I. Robbins, E. C. Rhodehamel

Subsurface, Temperature-Controlled Origin of San Joaquin Valley Crude Oils of California: ABSTRACT

George T. Philippi

Coal--Our Most Abundant Energy Source: ABSTRACT

John N. Philips

Yakutat Group, an Upper Mesozoic Flysch and Melange Sequence in Southern Alaska: ABSTRACT

George Plafker

Flysch Deposits of Antler Foreland Basin, Western United States: ABSTRACT

F. G. Poole

Solubility of Petroleum in Water as Function of Temperature and Salinity and Its Significance in Primary Petroleum Migration: ABSTRACT

Leigh C. Price

Petrology and Sedimentology of Ophiomorpha Nodosa and Modern Callianasid Burrows: ABSTRACT

Wayne A. Pryor

Sequential Analysis of Turbidite Basins in North-Central Apennines: ABSTRACT

Franco Ricci Lucchi

Pore-Water Chemistry and Early Diagenesis of Nearshore Marine Sediments: ABSTRACT

Byron L. Ristvet, Fred T. MacKenzie, Donald C. Thorstenson, Robert H. Leeper

Sedimentary Environments, Pennsylvanian and Early Permian, Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross

Interstitial Waters, Mineralogy, and Diagenesis of Shales, Dare County, North Carolina: ABSTRACT

Kenneth L. Russell

Geologic Interpretation of Radar and Space Imagery of California: ABSTRACT

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Map of Parts of Floor of Santa Barbara Channel, California, Compiled from Side-Scanning Sonar Records: ABSTRACT

J. E. Sanders

Sedimentology and Shallow Stratigraphy of Mid-Atlantic Ridge Mountain Tops: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Schafer

Deposition of Coccoliths in Calcium Carbonate Compensation Realm of Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Nahum Schneidermann, William W. Hay

Abyssal Benthonic Foraminifera as Indicators of Present and Past Deep-Sea Circulation in North Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Detmar Schnitker

Diagenesis of Upper Cretaceous Chalks from North Sea, England and Northern Ireland: ABSTRACT

Peter A. Scholle, David J. J. Kinsman

Comparison of Slope and Basinal Sediments of Marginal Cratonic Basin and Geosyncline: ABSTRACT

Martin A. Schupbach

Geology and Development of Attaka Oil Field, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

C. M. Schwartz, B. S. Samsoe, G. H. Laughbaum, Jr.

Seismic Interpretation I and II--Recent Advances in Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

Ray L. Sengbush

Multisensor Systems Reveal Gas Seeps and Gas-Charged Sediments: ABSTRACT

H. C. Sieck

Facies Distribution of Trace Fossils in Jurassic-Cretaceous Transgressive Sequence, North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Siemers

Tectonic Framework of MacKenzie Delta Determined from Gravity Data: ABSTRACT

G. Keith Sirrine

Relations of Cratonic and Continental-Margin Tectonic Episodes: ABSTRACT

L. L. Sloss, Robert C. Speed

Halite Crystallization in Supratidal Salina, Ometepec Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stuart M. B. Smith

Calcification at Fanning Atoll: ABSTRACT

S. V. Smith, Francois Pesret

City and State Regulations Affecting Oil Industry: ABSTRACT

A. O. Spaulding

Metamorphism of Sedimentary Organic Matter: ABSTRACT

Frank L. Staplin, Calvin R. Evans

Pliocene to Holocene Sediments in Mediterranean Area and Their Tectonic Setting: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Stauffer

Mechanism for Large-Scale Deformation in Eolian Dunes: ABSTRACT

James R. Steidtmann, Harry C. Haywood

Paleogeography, Paleobathymetry, and Paleotectonism of Mid-Tertiary Jamaica: ABSTRACT

P. Lewis Steineck

Neogene Stratigraphy of Paratethys of Central Europe and Its Correlation with Other Areas: ABSTRACT

Fritz F. Steininger

Major Permian Tectonic Features and Post-Permian Displacements in Western Utah, Nevada, and Southeastern California, as Reflected by Distribution of Permian Riepe Spring Coralline Facies: ABSTRACT

Calvin H. Stevens

Upper Precambrian and Lower Paleozoic Miogeocline in Great Basin, Western United States: ABSTRACT

J. H. Stewart, F. G. Poole

Models from European Seas to Aid Detection of, and Search for, Ancient Sand Bodies: ABSTRACT

Arthur H. Stride

Authigenic Dolomites from Red Sea: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Supko, Peter Stoffers, Tyler B. Coplen

Depositional Environment of Oil Shale in the Green River Formation, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam, Claudia A. Wolfbauer

Gauss-Brunhes Disconformity in Southeastern Indian Ocean--Paleomagnetic and Biostratigraphic Analysis: ABSTRACT

F. Theyer

Forties Field, North Sea: ABSTRACT

A. N. Thomas, P. J. Walmsley, D. L. Jenkins

Sedimentary Structures and Discriminant Analysis of Textural Characteristics of Recent and Ancient Point Bars: ABSTRACT

R. W. Tillman

How Downhole Temperatures and Pressures Affect Drilling: ABSTRACT

D. J. Timko, W. H. Fertl

Influence of Nature and Diagenesis of Organic Matter in Formation of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Bernard P. Tissot, Bernard Durand, Jean Espitalie

Status of Gas-Stimulation Technology Employing Nuclear Explosions: ABSTRACT

J. Toman, M. D. Denny, D. O. Emerson, J. H. Howard, R. M. Lessler, D. N. Montan, R. W. Terhune, H. A. Tewes

Impact of NASA ERTS Satellites on Worldwide Energy Resources: ABSTRACT

William V. Trollinger, Herbert A. Tiedemann

Structural Evolution of Wilmington Anticline, California: ABSTRACT

John N. Truex

North Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

U.S.G.S. Spokesman

Facies Relations and Paleontology in Eocene-Oligocene, Santa Ynez Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

P. C. Van De Kamp, J. D. Harper, J. J. Conniff, D. A. Morris

Seismic Exploration in Canadian Arctic: ABSTRACT

W. Varga

Sediment Distribution in Southwestern Indian Ocean: ABSTRACT

Edith Vincent

Transport Processes for Lower Paleozoic Resedimented Conglomerates of Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Roger G. Walker, Ian C. Davies

Cambrian of the Grand Canyon--A Reevaluation: ABSTRACT

Harold R. Wanless

Microstylolites, Bedding, and Dolomitization: ABSTRACT

Harold R. Wanless

Abyssal Sediment Burrowers--Trace Fossils in Caribbean Chalks and Marls, Deep-Sea Drilling Project Cores: ABSTRACT

John E. Warme, W. James Kennedy, Nahum Schneidermann

Ultramorphology of Carbonate and Silicate Phases Associated With Deep-Sea Chert: ABSTRACT

Fred W. Weaver, Sherwood W. Wise

Sedimentation on Balearic Rise, a Foundered Block in Western Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

Yehezkiel Weiler, Daniel J. Stanley

Phytoplankton Abundance and Diversity During the Late Devonian and Early Mississippian of Ohio: ABSTRACT

E. Reed Wicander

Carbonate Petrology of Green River Formation (Eocene), Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Charles R. Williamson, M. Dane Picard

Comparison of Geologic Cycles of Earth, Moon, and Mars: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Wilson, M. Dane Picard

Financial Problems Associated with Energy Crunch: ABSTRACT

John G. Winger

Bonner Formation (Precambrian Belt of Montana) as Braided-Stream Sequence: ABSTRACT

Don Winston

Something New in Exploration: ABSTRACT

P. L. Work

Stratigraphic Evidence for Timing and Nature of Late Cenozoic Deformation in Los Angeles Region, California: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Wright, Edwin S. Parker, Robert C. Erickson

California Oil Basins and Impingement of East Pacific Rise Against North America: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Yeats