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North American Drilling Activity in 1979

Robert R. Johnston

Developments in Atlantic Coastal Plain in 1979

Bruce A. Heise, Roger V. Amato

Developments in Atlantic OCS in 1978: ADDENDUM

Roger V. Amato, Bruce A. Heise

Developments in Four Corners-Intermountain Area in 1979

D. L. Baars

Developments in Alaska in 1979

B. C. Jones

Developments in Upper Gulf Coast of Texas in 1979

Cynthia Haynes Trautman, Stephen P. Hartzell

Developments in North-Central Texas in 1979

R. L. McBroom

Developments in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico in 1979

R. A. Diemer , Wayne R. Gibson , Harry A. Miller, Jr.

Developments in Michigan in 1979

Garland D. Ells

Developments in Oklahoma and Panhandle of Texas in 1979

Suzanne Takken, Dorothy J. Smith

Developments in West Coast Area in 1979

R. C. Blaisdell, T. W. Dignes

Oil and Gas Developments in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia in 1979

Douglas G. Patchen , Kenneth A. Schwarz , Theodore H. Debrosse , E. Perry Bendler (5), Jeffrey B. Hermann (6), Robert G. Piotrowski (7), William W. Kelly, Jr. (8)

Oil and Gas Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1979

Shirley E. Paul , Jack T. Fish , Jack S. Wells , Roger Peters (5), Donivan L. Gordon (6), John J. Mosler (7)

Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast Offshore in 1979

Arthur H. Johnson, C. Brian Boutte

Developments in New York in 1979

Arthur M. Van Tyne

Developments in East-Central States in 1979

Edmund Nosow , Robert D. Lindau , Jacob Van Den Berg , G. L. Carpenter (5)

Developments in South Texas in 1979

William G. Fergeson

Developments in Eastern and Northwestern Colorado in 1979

Michael R. Root

Developments in Arkansas, North Louisiana, and East Texas in 1979

Douglas A. Collins , A. G. Murphy , Eugene H. Core

Developments in Northern Rockies in 1979

R. D. Teselle , D. D. Miller , D. B. Thames, Jr. , R. A. Thuesen (5)

Developments in Western Canada in 1979

Peter W. Hay

Developments in Eastern Canada in 1979

D. C. Robertson , R. G. Bryant , W. A. Roliff

Potential Resources of Natural Gas in United States: Case History of Potential Gas Committee: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Harry C. Kent

Migration of Fluids in Sedimentary Basins: DISCUSSION

Richard E. Chapman

Migration of Fluids in Sedimentary Basins: Reply to R. E. Chapman

S. Neglia

No. 1 Play in U.S.A.--South Louisiana Tuscaloosa Trend, 1975-80: ABSTRACT

Joe B. Adams, Frank W. Harrison, Jr.

Environments of Deposition and Diagenesis of Stuart City Formation (Cretaceous), Speary Gas Field, Karnes County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, Suzanne Ward

Regional Patterns of Woodbine-Tuscaloosa, Northern Coastal Region: ABSTRACT

E. G. Anderson

Preliminary Observations of Modern Point Bar Facies, Amite River, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Whitney J. Autin, Chris M. Fontana

Morphology of Turbidite-Channel Reservoirs, Lower Hackberry (Oligocene), Southeast Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, Brian K. Powers

Calpionellids and Nannoconids of Taraises Formation (Early Cretaceous), Santa Rosa Canyon, Sierra de Santa Rosa, Nuevo Leon, Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. H. Blauser, C. L. McNulty

Preliminary Report on Microplankton and Microbenthon Responses to 1979 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spills (Ixtoc I and Burmah Agate), with Comments on Avenues of Oil to Sediments and Fate of Oil in Column and on Bottom: ABSTRACT

Richard Casey

Depositional Systems and Lignite Prospecting Models--Wilcox Group and Meridian Sandstone (Eocene), Northern Mississippi: ABSTRACT

A. W. Cleaves

Chester and Pottsville Depositional Systems, Outcrop and Subsurface, in Black Warrior Basin, Mississippi and Alabama: ABSTRACT

A. W. Cleaves, M. C. Broussard

Subsurface Wilcox Lignite in West-Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

E. J. Coates, C. G. Groat, George F. Hart

Reservoir Quality, Pliocene-Pleistocene Sandstones, Offshore Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

David K. Davies, William R. Almon

Environment of Deposition of Upper Wilcox Sandstones, Katy Gas Field, Waller County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Gilbert J. Depaul

Cap-Rock Formation and Diagenesis, Gyp Hill Salt Dome, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton, Charles W. Kreitler

Live Oak Delta Complex--Unstable, Shelf-Edge Delta in Deep Wilcox Trend of South Texas: ABSTRACT

Marc B. Edwards

Well Log Analysis Concepts in Clastic and Argillaceous Sediments, United States Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Fertl

Diagenesis of Middle Miocene Sands in Geopressure Zone of Lirette Field, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Leigh Anne Flournoy, Ray E. Ferrell, Jr.

Clay Minerals as Indicators for Depositional Environment in South Halletsville Field, Lavaca County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Freed

Exploration Ramifications of Subsurface Fluid Migrations in Lake Borgne-Valentine Area of Southeastern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Glen M. Gatenby

Effects of Hurricane Frederic on Morphology of Dauphin Island, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Bob Gerdes

Biostratigraphic Significance of Fossil Molluscan Larvae: ABSTRACT

Thor Hansen

Louisiana Tuscaloosa Versus Southeast Texas Woodbine: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Harrison, Jr.

Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Lithology, and Structure in Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Constance Bayou, Deep Lake, and Southeast Little Pecan Lake Fields, Cameron Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Harrison, III

Ostracode Biostratigraphy of Lower Oligocene (Vicksburgian), Mississippi and Alabama: ABSTRACT

Joseph E. Hazel, Martin D. Mumma, William J. Huff

Paleoenvironments and Trace Fossils of Large Aggrading Delta Margin Embayment--Upper Woodbine Formation of Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

David K. Hobday, Bob F. Perkins

Depositional Environments of Some Naborton-Dolet Hills Sediments (Tertiary, Northwestern Louisiana) and Their Relation to Lignite: ABSTRACT

D. D. Hogenson

Foraminifers and Calcispheres from Cuesta del Cura and Lower Agua Nueva(?) Formations (Cretaceous), East-Central Mexico: ABSTRACT

Geoff R. Ice, Charles L. McNulty

Louisiana Chenier System--Some Preliminary Reinterpretations and Refinements: ABSTRACT

R. T. Kaczorowski

Jurassic Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Southwestern Alabama: ABSTRACT

Raymond P. Karpovich, S. J. Mazzullo

Early Cementation and Mineral Stability of Chipola Formation, Calhoun County, Florida: ABSTRACT

John M. Kocurko

Should We Permit Mississippi-Atchafalaya Diversion?: ABSTRACT

Charles R. Kolb

Modern Lagoonal Ostracodes and Species Diversity Gradients, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Krutak

Environmental and Diagenetic Controls of Carbonate and Evaporite Source Rocks: ABSTRACT

M. Malek-Aslani

Regional Stratigraphy of Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Rocks of Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini, D. Joe Benson

Geology of Gum Island North and French Island Areas, Jefferson County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Mason

Depositional Systems in Nacatoch Sand (Upper Cretaceous), East Texas Basin and Southwest Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Mary K. McGowen, O. K. Agagu, Cynthia M. Lopez

Diagenesis of Deltaic Sandstone: Olmos, San Miguel, and Upson Formations (Upper Cretaceous), Northern Rio Escondido Basin, Coahuila, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Linda C. Merritt

Future Petroleum Provinces of Gulf of Mexico Region: ABSTRACT

A. A. Meyerhoff

Petrographic, Stratigraphic, and Structural Study of Smackover Gray Sand (Jurassic), North Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Samuel A. Miciotto

Nearshore Bars Along United States Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal

Late Paleocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of Tuscahoma Marls, Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Gary E. Oliver, Ernest A. Mancini

Kurten Field--Discovered by Stratigraphic Prospecting: ABSTRACT

Robert Pavlovic

Chemical and Isotopic Evidence of Origins of Natural Gases in Offshore Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice

Mineralogy, Diagenesis, and Porosity in Vicksburg Sandstones, McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas: ABSTRACT

D. L. Richmann

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Joachim Dolomite (Middle Ordovician), North Arkansas: ABSTRACT

John S. Rives, II

Sedimentary Structures Associated with Mississippi River Delta-Front Deposits: ABSTRACT

Harry H. Roberts

Hosston Trend, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Donald R. Scherer

Occurrence of High Gravity Oil in an Oligocene Vicksburg Sandstone in Jim Hogg County, Texas: ABSTRACT

L. W. Smith, Neal Hilton

Log Evaluation of Wells in Tuscaloosa Trend of South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

John Stevenson

Atchafalaya Delta--Louisiana's New Prograding Coast: ABSTRACT

Ivor Ll. Van Heerden, Harry H. Roberts

Seismic-Stratigraphic Mapping of Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

John A. Ward

Pachuta Creek (Smackover) Field, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Anthony Weber

Block 25 Field, Chandeleur Sound, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

David Woltz

Regional Tectonic Features of Inner Gulf Coast Basin and Mississippi Embayment--Implications for Potential Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources: ABSTRACT

C. M. Woodruff, Jr.

Paleoecology of Midway Group in Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

Iradj Youssefnia