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The "Gulf of Mexico" Late Holocene Sea Level Curve and River Delta History

William F. Tanner

Abstract: Age and Petrology of the Jackson Dome Igneous-Volcanic Complex, Mississippi: Implications for the Tectonic History of the Mississippi Salt Dome Basin

J. A. Saunders , D. W. Harrelson

Abstract: A New Approach to Lithologic and Sedimentary Structure Analysis from Well Logs

Robert A. Young , Harold Darling

Abstract: Applications of Design in the Energy Industry

Carol M. Lucas , Sandy Astrup

Abstract: Applied High Definition Seismic Stratigraphy: Continental Slope, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Peter K. Trabant

Abstract: Approaches to Finding New Gas in Mature Fields: An Example from the Middle Frio, Onshore Texas Gulf Coast Basin.

R. A. Levey , R. R. Ray , R. Single , R. I. Finley

Abstract: A Sedimentological Explanation for the Distribution of Archaeological Sites in a Meander Belt as Stated by the "Relict Channel Rule"

Paul V. Heinrich

Abstract: Cambro-Ordovician Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Black Warrior Basin in Mississippi

Kevin S. Henderson

Abstract: Carbonate Hard Grounds: Their Usage as Stratigraphic Markers and their Significance in Porosity Development in the Lower Cretaceous Edwards Limestone, Word Field Complex, Lavaca County, Texas.

S. P. Moore , S. E. Akturk

Abstract: Coastal Lithosomes of the North and Central Texas Coast and Inner Continental Shelf

F. P. Siringan , J. B. Anderson , L. R. Bartek , M. A. Thomas

Abstract: Contemporaneous Normal Faulting and Folding in West White Lake Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

R. O. Steinhoff

Abstract: Controls on Facies Distribution of the Downdip Jurassic in Eastern Texas

Andrew J. Davidoff

Abstract: Correlation Trends in Thin-bedded Turbidites, Jackfork Group, Degray Lake, Arkansas

Michael B. De Vries, Arnold H. Bouma

Abstract: Depositional Environments and Reservoir Compartmentalization Within the Frio Zone 21-B Reservoir, Tijerina-Canales-Blucher Field, South Texas

James R. Reistroffer , Noel Tyler

Abstract: Determination of Land Loss Rates in Coastal Louisiana

Louis D. Britsch , Joseph B. Dunbar , E. Button Kemp III

Abstract: Development of a Chronostratigraphic Framework from the Well Log/Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of Miocene-Pleistocene Depositional Sequences, High Island Area, Offshore Texas, AAPG Transect-Phase II

Katrina Coterill, Sharon Allen, Francisco de Tagle, Arturo Soto, Chingju Liu, Guilllermo Perez-Cruz, Walter Wornardt, Peter Vail

Abstract: Exploration Applications of Sequence Stratigraphy Applied to the Miocene, High Island Area, Offshore Texas

Sharon Allen, Katrina Coterill, Peter Vail, Walter Wornardt

Abstract: Fabric and Origin of Gypsum Sand Crystals, Laguna Madre, Texas

Earle F. McBride , Hiromi Honda , Antar A. Abdel-Wahab

Abstract: Geologic and Engineering Field Study of the Northeast Hitchcock Field, Galveston County, Texas

David L. Egleston Jr. , Anne Verzeletti , Saad Al-Haddad

Abstract: Geologic Framework and Hard Mineral Resources of Petit Bois Pass and Adjacent Inner Shelf, Mississippi-Alabama

Randolph A. McBride , Mark R. Byrnes , Shea Penland , Jack L. Kindinger

Abstract: Geology, Hydrodynamics, Water Pollution, Agriculture and Nutrition

Harrison T. Brundage

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Routes in the East Texas Basin

William A. Wescott, William C. Hood

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Baltimore Canyon Trough

Fred Adinolfi

Abstract: Ichnofacies of the Late Jurassic Smackover "C" Sandstone, Claiborne and Webster Parishes, Louisiana: Indication of the Environment of Deposition

Stephen R. Howard , David J. Davies

Abstract: Late Quatenary Deweyville Interval Superfloods

Sherwood M. Gagliano

Abstract: Lower Tuscaloosa and Frio of Southwestern Mississippi

Sandra G. Dowty, Jack S. Moody

Abstract: Lower Wilcox Submarine Canyon Channel Sandstones Sheridan Field, Colorado County, Texas

Randall S. Miller

Abstract: Lowstand Deep-Water Clastic Fans and Related Depositional Systems: Terminology, Characteristics, Processes, and Variability

V. Kolla , R. Martin

Abstract: Massive Gas Deposits (Clathrates) in the Gulf of Mexico

Allen Lowrie , Michael Max

Abstract: Megaregional Project Progress Report

Allen J. Bertagne

Abstract: Middle Pennsylvanian Strike-Slip Faulting on the Eastern Edge of the Llano Uplift, Central Texas

D. L. Amsburyl , W. T. Haenggi

Abstract: New Depositional Model for the Mississippi River Delta Plain

Shea Penland , John R. Suter , Randolph A. McBride , Ron Boyd

Abstract: Organic-Rich, Radioactive Marine Shale: A Case Study of a Shallow-Water Condensed Section, Cretaceous Shaftesbury Formation, Alberta, Canada

Dale A. Leckie , Chaitanya Singh , Fariborz Goodarzi , John H. Wall

Abstract: Origin of the Offshore Louisiana/Mississippi Delta Oils by Reservoir-Source Decoupling

Paul A. Comet, Mahlon C. Kennicutt, II, Norman L. Guinasso, Jr., Guy J. Denoux, Thomas J. McDonald, Roger A. Burke, Jr., James M. Brooks

Abstract: Petroleum Classification Based on the Ratio of Sulfur to Nitrogen: Application in the East Texas Basin

K. F. M. Thompson

Abstract: Plutonic Salt Genesis and Its Role in Hydrocarbon Generation and Distribution

H. E. Brookby

Abstract: Results from First Direct Observation and Sampling of a Gulf of Mexico Basin Floor Salt Dome, Green Knoll

Harry H. Roberts , Paul Aharon , James Mueller

Abstract: Revised Mapping of Surface Faults, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Richard P. McCulloh , Whitney J. Autin

Abstract: Rocks and Money

Laura Kay Ethetton

Abstract: Salt Dynamics: Excess Maturity, Timing and Flow-Speed

R. O. Thomsen (1,2), I. Lerche

Abstract: Salt Dynamics: Simulation of Mushroom Caps on Salt and an Application in Barents Sea, Norway

Z. Yu , I. Lerche

Abstract: Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy of Cores in Miocene Deposits, Offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

Andy Pulham , Julie Pearce Tom Byrd

Abstract: Seismic Expression and Directly Observed Characteristics of Seep-related Features, Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope

Harry H. Roberts , Thomas W. Neurauter

Abstract: Seismic Resolvability of Individual Sand-Filled Channels in the Lower Pennsylvanian Jackfork Formation, Arkansas: Model Applicability for the Gulf Coast

Gerald J. Kuecher , Arnold H. Bouma

Abstract: Slope Sedimentation in the Lower-Mid Pleistocene, Offshore Louisiana, North-East Gulf of Mexico

Andy Pulham , Carl Evans , Peter Kahn , Phil Fish

Abstract: Stratigraphic-Structural Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization of Lavaca Bay Field, Calhoun County, Texas.

Jose U. Ricoy

Abstract: Stratigraphic Characteristics and Sandstone Distribution of the Hackberry Depositional System (Mid Oligocene), S. E. Texas and S. W. Louisiana: A Sand-Rich Slope-Fan Complex

Michael J. DiMarco , R. Craig Shipp

Abstract: Structural Style of Salt/Mini-Basin Systems: Lower Shelf and Upper Slope, Central Offshore Louisiana

H. S. Sumner, B. A. Robison, W. K. Dirks, J. C. Holliday

Abstract: Submarine Canyon Cut and Fill Morphology and Facies in the Upper Pliocene of the Texas Shelf

Kenneth J. Thies , Bruce E. Bowen , John H. Beard , Mathew L. Bognar

Abstract: Systems Tracts: Variations in Thickness and Lithofacies with Paleobathymetry

Walter W. Wornardt Jr. , Peter R. Vail

Abstract: Tectonic Evolution of The Northern Caribbean/Bahamas/Florida Region: Implications for Exploration

Mark R. Hempton

Abstract: The Exploration Potential of the Downdip Yegua in South Texas

G. D. Cummins , B. E. Winkelman , R. N. Rosen

Abstract: The Flank Shallow Piercement Plays of Mississippi

John Warner , Jack Moody

Abstract: The Geological Role in Reserve Acquisitions

Steven R. Trudeau

Basement Rocks and Structure, Northeast Gulf of Mexico

Laura M. Dobson , Richard T. Buffler

Behavior of Inorganic Constituents During Early Diagenesis of Peats

James J. Willis , Alan M. Bailey , Arthur D. Cohen

Berwick Field: The Geologic Half of the Seismic Stratigraphic Story in the Lower Tuscaloosa Mississippi

Robert K. Garrison , Robert Chancellor

The Caroline Street Local Fauna: A Late Pleistocene Freshwater Molluscan/Vertebrate Fauna From Houston, Harris Co., Texas

Saul Aronow , Raymond W. Neck , William L. McClure

Computer Modeling of Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways and Fluid Flow Histories from Carbon Isotope Anomalies in Gulf Coast Exploration Wells

D. F. Williams , Lerche , Z. Yu

Control of Depositional Environments Eustacy, and Gravity and Salt Tectonics on Sandstone Distribution in an Unstable Shelf Edge Delta, Eocene Yegua Formation, Texas and Louisiana

Marc B. Edwards

Depositional, Diagenetic, and Structural Controls on Reservoir Properties of Low-Permeability Sandstone, Travis Peak Formation, East Texas

Shirley P. Dutton , Stephen E. Laubacht , Robert S. Tye (1,2)

Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Gas Production from Frio (Oligocene) Sandstones at Monte Christo Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

Thomas L. Cogswell , Noel Tyler

Detection of Hydrocarbon Venting on the Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor from Determinations of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon and 13C of the Water Column Overlying Seeps

Paul Aharon , Ellen R. Graber (1,2), Harry H. Roberts

Diagenetic Variability in Middle Frio Formation Gas Reservoirs (Oligocene), Seeligson and Stratton Fields, South Texas

Jeffry D. Grigsby , Dennis R. Kerr

Distribution Patterns and Accumulation Rates of Fine-drained Sediments in Upper Tampa Bay, Florida

Gregg R. Brooks , Larry J. Doyle , Roger Johansson , Andy Squires , Hepsi D. Zsoldos , Robert H. Byrne

Evidence for a Deep Mesozoic Basin in Central East Texas; Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Andrew J. Davidoff

Foraminiferal Distribution in the Saratoga Chalk of Arkansas

William R. Morgan , Charles L. McNulty

Geologic Framework of Norphlet and Pre-norphlet Strata of the Onshore and Offshore Eastern Gulf of Mexico Area

Berry H. Tew , Robert M. Mink , Steven D. Mann , Bennett L. Bearden , Ernest A. Mancini

Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Board Hearings: Credibility of Geological Expert Witnesses

William E. Pritchard, III

Hinge Line Growth Faults and the Expanded Frio Formation of the Coastal Bend Area of Texas

James A. McCarthy

Hydrocarbon Seepage and Salt Dome Related Carbonate Reservoir Rocks of the U. S. Gulf Coast

Roger Sassen , Penny Grayson , Gary Cole , Harry H. Roberts , Paul Aharon

Hydrocarbon Trap Types and Deformation Styles Modeled Using Quantified Rates of Salt Movement, Louisiana Margin

Allen Lowrie , Zhihuai Yu , Ian Lerche

Identification of Ancient Storm Events in Buried Gulf Coast Sediments

Wayne C. Isphording , Gregory W. Isphording

An Integrated Approach to Exploration and Development in the 90s: Well Log-Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis

Peter R. Vail , Walter Wornardt Jr.

Isotopic Evidence for Petroleum-Derived Carbonates in the Gulf of Mexico

Jiasong Fang

Jolliet Field Thrust Fault Structure and Stratigraphy Green Canyon Block 184, Offshore Louisiana

Douglas Cook , Peter D'Onfro

Making an Old Gem Sparkle: The Rejuvenation of McAllen Ranch Field, Texas

D. P. Hill , R. B. Lennon , C. L. Wright

A Mathematical Model to Predict Estimated Future Recoverables

William A. Fidler , Larry Pierce

Middle Miocene Stratigraphic Traps, Southeast Manila Village Field, Louisiana

Kandy L. Thorn , Rod A. Norvell , George C. Flowers

The Morphology and Evolution of Basins on the Continental Slope Northwest Gulf of Mexico

William R. Bryant , Gregory R. Simmons , Paul Grim

Occurrence of Uranium in the Upper Smackover Limestones of the North Louisiana Salt Basin

Miles E. Denham, Thomas T. Tieh

On the Origin of the Gulf Coast Neogene Oils

Leigh C. Price

Origin and Evolution of Sabine Lake, Texas--Louisiana

John B. Anderson , Fernando P. Siringan , Marco Taviani , James Lawrence

Paleoecology of a Late Eocene (Bartonian) Vertebrate Fauna, Moodys Branch Formation, Techeva Creek, Mississippi

Sylvester Q. Breard, Jr.

Permian Passive Margin Submarine Fan Complex, Karoo Basin, South Africa: Possible Model to Gulf of Mexico

A. H. Bouma , H. de V. Wickens

Pollen and Spores from the Type Section of the Middle Eocene Stone City Formation, Burleson Co., Texas

John G. Jones , Judith A. Gennett

Pore Facies of Smackover Carbonate Reservoirs in Southwest Alabama

David C. Kopaska-Merkel , Steven D. Mann

Predicting Fracture Connectivity and Intensity Within the Austin Chalk from Outcrop Fracture Maps and Scanline Data

David V. Wiltschko , Kevin P. Corbett , Mel Friedman , Jih-Hao Hung

Prediction of Facies Distributions in Prograding Clastic Shelf Sequences: A Non-Waltherian Model Based on Sediment Mechanics

Paul A. Washington , Steven A. Chisick

Preliminary Age Determinations for New Deep Gulf of Mexico Basin Seismic Sequences

Jianhua Feng , Richard T. Buffler

Recognition and Implications of Volcanic Glass Detritus in the Fluvial Deposits of the Middle Frio Formation, South Texas

Dennis R. Kerr , Jeffry D. Grigsby

Reservoir Models for Meandering and Straight Fluvial Channels; Examples from the Travis Peak Formation, East Texas

David K. Davies , Brian P. J. Williams , Richard K. Vessell

Revision of the Plio-Pleistocene Cycles and their Application to Sequence Stratigraphy and Shelf and Slope Sediments in the Gulf of Mexico

Walter W. Wornardt , Peter R. Vail

Salt Basins of Western Europe and Gabon, West Africa: Which is a Gulf of Mexico Analog?

D. A. Thompson , I. Lerche , J. J. O'Brien

Sea Level High Stand Shales and Thin Stacked Deltas; Paleocene Middle Wilcox of Central Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi

John B. Echols

Sedimentary Facies, Sea-level History, and Paleogeography of the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Providence Sand, Central and Eastern Coastal Plain of Alabama

David T. King, Jr. , Michael C. Skotnicki , Janet P Abbott-King

Sediment Distribution of the Prairie Terrace in the Florida Parishes, Louisiana

Sylvia A. Cureau , J. O. Snowden , James B. Rucker

Sedimentology of a modern point bar at raven camp on the Red River, central Louisiana

Brian E. Lock , Catherine E. Bishop

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Smackover Formation in the Northern Half of the Manila Embayment, Southwestern Alabama

David T. King, Jr. , E. Glenn Hargrove

Significance of Discoloration in Arenaceous Foraminifera

Rashel N. Rosen

Sparta B Sandstones (Eocene), Fordoche Field, Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana--A Compartmentalized, Barrier-Island Oil and Gas Reservoir

Paul R. Krutak , W. Clay Kimbrell

Stratigraphic Framework, Structural Styles and Seismic Signatures of Downdip Yegua Gas-Condensate Fields, Central Wharton County, Texas Gulf Coast

Thomas E. Ewing , Grant Fergeson

The Subsurface Upper Frio Formation of Southeastern Louisiana and Correlations to the Paynes Hammock and Catahoula Formations in East-Central Mississippi

Donald J. Marlin , William H. Schramm

Surficial Geology of the Houston Area: An Offlapping Series of Pleistocene (& Pliocene?) Highest-Sealevel Fluviodeltaic Sequences

DeWitt C. Van Siclen

Taphonomic Signature of Shell Accumulations in Cores: Indicator of Depositional Environments in Holocene Nearshore Sediments, West Central Florida

C. Kelly Cuffe, Ann E. Gibbs, Warren D. Allmon

Transgressions and Regressions in the Barataria Bight Region of Coastal Louisiana

Douglas R. Levin

Upper Jurassic Smackover Oil Plays in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle

Ernest A. Mancini (1,2), Robert M. Mink , Berry H. Tew , David C. Kopaska-Merkel , Steven D. Mann