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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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13-3/8" Surface Casing Batch Setting Operations on the KF Platform, Natuna Sea

Teguh Margiadi, G. J. Scott

Achieving Effective Fractures Within High-Permeability Soft Formations

R. P. Marcinew, B. H. Brady, S. A. Burynuik, R. E. Cooper, C. D. Harding

Analytical Methods for Pipeline Installation

Herman Perera, Donald Arnold

The Application of Fluoboric Acid in Sandstone Matrix Acidizing: A Case Study

A. Ayorinde, C. Granger, R. L. Thomas

Application of the Newton - Raphson Iteration Method for Predicting Gas Flow Performance in a Pipeline

Leksono Mucharam, Andreas Andhy, Suprahadi Hasan

The Bali-Flores Basin: Geological Transition from Extensional to Subsequent Compressional Deformation

Hardi Prasetyo

Basin Modelling in the Mahakam Delta Based on the Integrated 2D Model TEMISPACK

Jean Burrus, Etienne Brosse, Ghislain Choppin de Janvry, Yves Grosjean, Jean-Louis Oudin

Benefits of Joint Audits to Service Company and Operator

R. D. Ritchie

Bentayan Field Development — An Exploitation Success

Herry Wibiksana, Greg Mawhinney, Richard A. Lorentz

Carbonate Rocks and Reservoirs of Indonesia: Core Workshop Introduction and Overview

Mark W. Longman, Charles T. Siemers

A Case Study of Horizontal Drilling to Reduce Gas Coning in the Oil Rim of a Carbonate Reservoir

A. Gordon Harrington, Richard A. Lorentz, Sada D. Joshi

Characteristics of Low-Relief Carbonate Mudbank Reservoir Rocks, Baturaja Formation (Lower Miocene), Air Serdang and Mandala Fields, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Mark L. Longman, Charles T. Siemers, Tri Siwindono

Characteristics of the Fractured Ngimbang Carbonate (Eocene), West Kangean-2 Well, Kangean PSC, East Java Sea, Indonesia

Charles T. Siemers, James A. Deckelman, Alton A. Brown, Eric R. West

Characterization of Low Relief Carbonate Banks, Baturaja Formation, Ramba A and B Pools, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Sahala P. Situmeang, Cliff W. Zeliff, Richard A. Lorentz

A Classical Reservoir Study of the Petani Field — Approach to Analyzing an Older Complex Reservoir

C. William Arnold

Clay Production Control on the Producing Wells, Rantau Field Northern Sumatra

Muslih Hambali, Windu Hernowo

Comparison of Walio and Kasim Reefs, Salawati Basin, Western Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Harry J. Livingstone, Bradford W. Sincock, Agus M. Syarief, Sriwidadi, John N. Wilson

Completion Technique Used in Horizontal Wells Drilled in Shallow Gas Sands in the Gulf of Mexico

C. W. Pardo, A. N. Patrickis

Contribution of Lahat Formation as Hydrocarbon Source Rock in South Palembang Area, South Sumatera, Indonesia

P. H. Suseno, Zakaria, Nizar Mujahidin, Eddy A. Subroto

Critical Aspects of 3-D Seismic Surveys for Field Development in Central Sumatra

Kent M. Mangold, Erlina, Eddy B. Hamzah

Description and Reservoir Characterization of a Late Miocene, Delta-Front Coral-Reef Buildup, Serang Field, Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Charles T. Siemers, Sigit Sutiyono, Stephen K. Wiman

Determination of Fracture Geometry Using Field Data Coupled with a Fracture Simulator

Alex D. Martinez, Carlos W. Pardo, Patrick D. Ellis, R. Wayne Pittman

Disposal of Drilling Waste by Chemically Enhanced Centrifuge Technology

T. D. Beaty, Agustanzil Sjahroezah, Muharbiyanto

Drilling in the Karst Terrain of Irian Jaya

T. Zarmansyah A., Gregory J. Edelbrock

The Economics of Geothermal Development in Indonesia

Widjajono Partowidagdo, Alex Hanief Isyna

Effects of Sea Level Drops During Late Early Miocene to the Reservoirs in South Palembang Sub Basin, South Sumatra, Indonesia

N. Sitompul, Rudiyanto, A. Wirawan, Y. Zaim

Electronics & Lightning—A Study on Secondary Protection in the Arun Field

Pratignjo M., Suharyanto R., Djoko Darwanto, Reinaldo Zoro

Engineering Professional Development Program in P.T. Arun NGL. Co.

Imam Suprapto, Jupiter Ramirez

EOR Development in Central Sumatra: A Critical Path Approach

D. L. Barge, C. A. VanAllen

Evaluation of Geothermal Igneous Reservoirs

Uum Komarudin, Djoko Sunaryo, Ron Prayitno, Steve Hansen

Evaluation of Logging While Drilling Technology, Offshore, East Kalimantan

S. Sutiyono

Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Feasibility of Gas Injection in Waterflooded Reservoirs

S. Sakthikumar, K. Madaoui, B. Thiebot, L. Bouvier

Gas Lift Simulation Using Dynamic and Static Models

Harun Kurnianto, Suryatmoko

Geochemical Inversion – A Modern Approach to Inferring Source-Rock Identity from Characteristics of Accumulated Oil and Gas

K. K. Bissada, L. W. Elrod, L. M. Darnell, H. M. Szymczyk, J. L. Trostle

The Geochemistry of Tertiary and Pre-Tertiary Source Rocks and Associated Oils in Eastern Indonesia

A. R. Livsey, N. Duxbury, F. Richards

The Geophysical Case History of Rengasdengklok Area, North West Java

Basuki Puspoputro, Emir Lubis

Holocene Carbonate Sedimentation, Pulau Seribu, Java Sea — The Third Dimension

Robert K. Park, Charles T. Siemers, Alton A. Brown

Horizontal Well Drilling in the Arun Field

Fahmi Urip

Horizontal Wells in Management of the Arun Reservoir

Arman C. Sunaryo, A. Mulia, M. D. Sulitra

Impact of an Integrated Seismic Data Processing Approach: A Case Study in Central Sumatra

Mars E. Semaan, Eddy Murhantoro, Maryanto, Achmad Bermawi, Budi Subianto, Hari Santoso

The Implications of Basin Modelling for Exploration - Sunda Basin Case Study, Offshore Southeast Sumatra

Wicaksono Prayitno, J. W. Armon, Sigit Haryono

Inversion Faults as the Major Structural Control in the Northern Part of the Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan

Elan Biantoro, Bambang P. Muritno, Johny M. B. Mamuaya

The Krisna Lower Batu Raja Waterflood: An Updated Case History

Don McChesney, Achmad Rusmantoro, M. Greg Smith, Syahril Mursid

Lithology Prediction by Extrapolating Well Data

Brian Barley, Dean Chergotis, Mai Wilson, Susan Young

Low-Resistive Sandstone Reservoirs in the Attaka Field

Yoseph Joko Partono

The Manusela Formation — An Example of a Jurassic Carbonate Unit of the Australian Plate from Seram, Eastern Indonesia

Greg Kemp

The Mesozoic Stratigraphy of the Timor Gap and Its Bearing on the Hydrocarbon Potential of Eastern Indonesia

Steve Brown

Microfossils as Indicators of Deltaic Subenvironments, Minas Field, Central Sumatra

Kenneth L. Finger, Warren S. Drugg

Modification of Flowing Gradient Equation in Gas Wells with Liquid Present

Sutopo, Pudjo Sukarno

MSDC-1: A Gas Discovery Well in the Malacca Strait PSC, Sumatra, Indonesia

Rovicky Dwi Putrohari

A New Approach to Casing Setting Depth Selection in Unocal East Kalimantan Operations

Arifun, Wahyu H. Sumpeno

Operational Environmental Management in Maxus, Southeast Sumatra

Wiesje A. Rondonuwu, M. Rasjid Izin

An Overview of Hydrocarbon Maturity and Its Migration Aspects in Bunyu Island, Tarakan Basin

N. Heriyanto, Wahyudi Satoto, Sumuyut Sardjono

An Overview of the Awibengkok Geothermal Field

A. J. Noor, T. G. Rossknecht, A. Ginting

Parigi Carbonate Buildups : Northwest Java Sea

Tahir Bukhari, John G. Kaldi, Firman Yaman, Kakung H. P., David O. Williams

Petroleum Exploration in Deep Water and Frontier Areas of Indonesia

Salmon Pattinama, Luki Samuel

Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary Fault Systems as a Framework of the South Sumatra Basin; A Study of SAR-Maps

A. Pulunggono, Agus Haryo S., Christine G. Kosuma

A Re-Appraisal of the Geology, Tectonics, and Prospectivity of Seram Island, Eastern Indonesia

Greg Kemp, Wayne Mogg

Reef Complex Lithofacies and Reservoir, Rama Field, Sunda Basin, Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia

Paul C. Tonkin, Atmawan Temansji, Robert K. Park

Reservoir Management: Technical Perspective

Abdus Satter, James E. Varnon, Muu T. Hoang

Reservoir Simulation of Complex Sumatran Oil Fields on Integrated Risc-Based Workstations

Pradeep S. Kumar, Brian S. Carr, Handoko Mukidjab

Safety Management and Accident Prevention: An Integrated Approach from the Bottom Up

Roderick Kuntz

Seismic Reef Expression in the North Sumatra Basin

K. Wirjodihardjo

Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Eocene and Oligocene Limestones, Teweh Area, Central Kalimantan

Arthur Saller, Richard Armin, La Ode Ichram, Charlotte Glenn-Sullivan

A Stimulation Treatment in Depletion Sandstone Wells

M. Fauzi A. Alkaff, Jarwo Sanyoto

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the East Java Sea, Indonesia

P. J. E. Bransden, S. J. Matthews

Structurally-Controlled, Linear Reefs in a Pliocene Delta-Front Setting, Tarakan Basin, Northeast Kalimantan

Richard Netherwood, Andy Wight

Successful Slim Hole Drilling by Asamera - South Sumatra

Alfred Almendingen, Achmad Boytizen, Memet Rachmat, J. A. Thomson, Ben Seay

SW Java Field Trip/Core Workshop - Post Convention Field Trip

Charles T. Siemers, Lewis C. Kleinhans, Raymond Young

Toward A Successful Indonesianization Program

Djindar Rohani

Trains A-D Debottlenecking Project Pertamina — Badak LNG Plant

Helfia Nil Chalis

The Use of 30-Norhopane Series, a Novel Carbonate Biomarker, in Source Rock to Crude Oil Correlation in the North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Eddy A. Subroto, Robert Alexander, Unggul Pranjoto, Robert I. Kagi

The Use of Production Logging Surveys to Determine the Injection Profile at the Kenali Asam Waterflood Pilot Project

Victory S. Kirana

Utilization of Pressure Data Recorded While Perforating

Ronny Maas, Andon Suwito, Cholid Mas

Water Shut-Off Using Cement Pumped Through Coiled Tubing

Sudarsono Samsidi, Hoedisastra Wey

Wrench Faulting and Its Implication for Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Kuala Simpang Area - North Sumatra Basin

Rudy Ryacudu, Ramli Djaafar, Adji Gutomo